The Correct Way To Freeze Cake Slices And Preserve Freshness

You made a gorgeous chocolate cake and want to practice some discipline by not finishing that beauty in one sitting. It certainly doesn't need to go in the trash, and no, your work of art is not doomed to a stale, flaky future. In fact, Cake Boss insists that correctly freezing your cake can result in a dessert that tastes even better than when it was first pulled out of the oven. When frozen properly, a cake can last several months — or at least until you are ready to celebrate another occasion.

Not only can freezing cakes help you keep tasty treats around for easy snacking, but if you're planning to bake in advance, the freezer may also become your secret cake-making helper. Cake artist and Institute of Culinary Education instructor Penny Stankiewicz told the Washington Post that some individuals find the concept of freezing cakes offensive; however, it is crucial to be able to provide high-quality products. We've collected a few tips from bakers to learn more about freezing cakes.

The battle against moisture

Sally's Baking Addiction recommends wrapping cooled cake layers in both plastic wrap and aluminum foil before placing them in a freezer-safe container. Cake Boss adds that frozen cakes are ideally placed in the coldest part of the freezer; then, when you are ready to thaw out the cake, remove it and keep it wrapped while it returns to a warmer temperature. If you're freezing pre-cut slices, place pieces of wax or parchment paper on each side of the slices to keep them fresh (per The Kitchn).

Not all cakes are ideal for the freezer method; creamy cakes, pound cakes, and layered cakes freeze well, but fluffier recipes like angel food, fillings made with curd, fruit decorations, and ganache won't store as nicely (via Washington Post). However, a cake can keep over a year in the freezer when properly frozen, according to StillTasty, so the next time cravings strike, you have it ready.