The Clever Reason You Should Tap The Pan When Baking Cake

Who couldn't go for a slice of cake these days? Times are hard and you deserve to have your cake and eat it, too! So enjoy ripe summer fruit in a strawberry spoon cake, or satisfy an undeniable chocolate craving with a death-by-chocolate cake, because there's truly a type of cake for every mood. Whether you decide to make everything from scratch or buy the boxed mix from the grocery store, there is a clever trick for making your next cake extra delicious. 

According to Baking Business, texture is a huge deal when it comes to the quality of your cake, and it can affect how enjoyable your dessert is to eat. One of the most disappointing things that can happen when cutting into a cake is finding out your masterpiece is dry and has bread-like holes in it. While the ingredients you choose will affect the moisture of your cake, there is something you can do to every cake to help prevent drying and bubbles.

Remove those air bubbles

To get the perfect cake texture, you have to find the right balance when it comes to air. Yes, the air that works its way into the batter is actually an ingredient you need to consider when baking a cake! Baking Mad explains that too much air dries the batter out and leaves unattractive holes in your finished cake. To stop this from happening, you should start tapping your cakes before baking. 

What does it mean to tap it out? Well, after you've poured your delicious batter into your baking pan, take hold of the pan in both hands and gently tap the bottom against the counter a few times (via Southern Living). According to Bake School, this process will not only force the larger trapped air bubbles out of the batter but also allows the batter to fill all those nooks and crannies in the pan as well. Mixing your batter and pouring it into a pan will always cause air bubbles to form, especially in light and airy batters. Some cakes will collect big, unnecessary air pockets when mixing the batter, so just give your pan a few soft taps on the counter to help the texture come out moist and cakey, just how it's supposed to be!