This US Airport Houses More Starbucks Than Any Other

With all the airline disruptions going on around the world currently, it's a bad time to be flying anywhere. However, sometimes that just can't be helped, and flying may be the best (or only) way to get from point to point, even if you're stuck with the dreaded redeye or early morning flight. If you're like millions of other Americans, you need some coffee, whether that's in the form of a frappucino or a cold brew, to get you going in the morning. Luckily, for those flying from a major US airport, you're very likely to find a Starbucks at the airport.

Per the Starbucks website, Starbucks opened its first airport location in 1991 at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which is rather fitting, since Seattle is where the coffee chain was founded. However, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is currently home to only six Starbucks stores — according to a report by Upgraded Points, which looked at the 50 busiest airports in the country, that doesn't even break the top ten for airports with the most Starbucks. That's still much better than major airports like Chicago's Midway International Airport, New York's LaGuardia Airport, Oakland International Airport, and Nashville International Airport, which have no Starbucks stores at all. Nor is the airport with the most Starbucks stores the busiest airport in the country, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (via World Atlas).

Chicago O'Hare is home to more Starbucks than any other US airport

According to Upgraded Points report, Chicago O'Hare International Airport tops the list of US airports with the most Starbucks stores with 14 locations. Coming in second was Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas with 12, while Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu came in third with 10 Starbucks locations. This is actually a drop in the number of Starbucks locations at Chicago O'Hare, as the airport was home to 17 Starbucks stores as of 2014, according to the Starbucks website. Chicago is also the home to the largest Starbucks in the world, the 5-story Starbucks Reserve Chicago Roastery, where you can immerse yourself in all things coffee, including tours, tastings, and pairings.

However, simply having more Starbucks stores does not automatically make an airport a better place to get Starbucks. Per Upgraded Points, other factors include the number of Starbucks locations per square mile and the number of passengers per Starbucks. Once all three metrics are factored in, the top airport to get Starbucks is actually Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is also home to more than 30 Starbucks stores just along the 4-mile stretch of the Las Vegas Strip. So whether on the Strip or flying in or out of the Las Vegas, Starbucks fans shouldn't have too much trouble getting their fix.