20 Underrated, Delicious Nut-Free Snacks

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich, right? Raise your hand if you agree! 

Well, actually, anyone who's allergic to nuts would politely raise their hand and bring up an excellent point: For some, the classic sandwich is definitely a forbidden love, if not an outright deadly one. If your allergy extends beyond peanuts all the way into tree nuts, too, then the options for snack time are even more limited. But nut-free individuals deserve just as good a snacking experience as those who are without a nut allergy or those who avoid the food group for other dietary reasons. 

So, in no particular order, here are 20 incredibly tasty nut-free packaged snacks that go beyond cheese and crackers. We've gotten creative in discovering foods that do lots of the same feats that nuts do, whether in spreadable consistency, honey-roasted form, or granola style. Even if you can safely enjoy nuts, you're probably always looking for your next favorite snack. Either way, you're bound to find something new that will expand your edible repertoire. There are a lot of popular types of nuts out there and even more snacks without them.

Blake's Seed-Based Sunflower Seeds

In each little package of these allergy-friendly, nut-free, gluten-free, vegan sunflower seeds is 6 grams of pure plant-based protein. Many other snacks have to add a disclaimer that they were made on machinery that also processes nuts, which presents the potential for cross-contamination. Meanwhile, Blake's Seed-Based products are produced in a completely gluten-free and nut-free facility, so even those with the most severe allergies can eat with peace of mind. The Himalayan Salt is the purest option and really allows the subtle toastiness of the seeds to shine. If you're the adventurous type, be sure to try the Hot & Spicy variety, full of bold and zesty flavor that packs a surprising punch of heat. These tiny seeds are loaded with large tastes, all without having to crack any shells. 

Packed with gentle fiber and nourishing fats to keep you full, a pouch of these is just as deliciously convenient as a bag of almonds. With flavors this satisfying, you'll be interested in looking further into a company that invites you to "go out in the world and pursue your passions, without being held back by your snack options."

Purely Elizabeth Dark Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cups

Simply add water and pop this cup in the microwave for a snack that satisfies almost as much as a real meal. If you think that nut butter is the only way to add richness to your oatmeal, you will find that dark chocolate is an even more decadent way to make it creamy and satisfying. Besides, when the oatmeal is this nutritious, you can enjoy the luxurious flavor of chocolate without a second thought. Purely Elizabeth products are "Created to help you thrive." That promise includes aiming some positive energy at your gut microbiome with the addition of prebiotic fiber. 

This is "superfood oatmeal," rather than the somewhat dull packets of instant oats in which you find all sorts of chemical-sounding ingredients. A keto cereal that is handy and shelf-stable, this single-serve container has 5 grams of protein, a ton of wonderful fiber, plus flax seeds, chia seeds, and quinoa flakes to give you a hearty, well-rounded nosh. And, it's even vegan. Best of all, just toss this cup in your bag on your way to work, and as long as the office has a microwave, you can have warm, chocolatey oatmeal in 60 to 75 seconds. There are also directions on the cup for turning it into overnight oats for those days when chilled snacks sound best. Purely Elizabeth's Superfood Cup might be the epitome of instant oatmeal.

Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter Graham Cracker Sandwiches

Some snacks have universal appeal. Kids and adults alike love the comforting combo of graham crackers and nut butter. There are issues with this snack, though. Those with a nut allergy have to make a different choice, and anyone with a gluten allergy normally also has to pass. Not to mention, they're typically messy. Crumbly crackers leaving brown graham residue all over the kitchen counter, sticky peanut butter slathered all over the place — not exactly a positive for the parents out there who're perpetually cleaning up after their kids' chaos. Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter Graham Crackers solves these issues par excellence. 

The company's perfectly pre-packaged snack sandwiches reduce the crumb-dusting and are ideal for sticking in lunch boxes (or, for adults, desk drawers at work). Meanwhile, just about anyone can enjoy these regardless of allergies. The snacks are organic, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, and, most importantly, nut-free. There are a lot of unconventional ways to use peanut butter, but substituting sunflower seed butter is the one that reduces all the risks! Even if you're not a fan of raccoons, you'll want to put your paws on this snack.

Love Crunch Salted Caramel Pretzel Granola

If you're looking for the sensational sweet-salty satisfaction that you'd find in a nut, here's a good idea: caramel and pretzels! The caramel takes care of the butteriness and is very often paired with nuts (think candy turtles or pecan pralines). Pretzels achieve crisp saltiness and robust flavor. So who needs nut-centric granola when you can have Love Crunch Salted Caramel Pretzel Granola? Along with the wheaty bites of pretzels, dark chocolate nuggets add further decadence to the mixture of caramel puffs and pink Himalayan sea salt-dusted oat clusters. 

Your basic morning yogurt bowl has never tasted more like dessert, and sneaking handfuls of this stuff out of the bag is far more delicious than it has any right to be. Even the best chocolate brands will have a hard time competing. When craving sweeter granola, you can't do any better than this one, but for us, it's certainly that pretzel twist that steals the show. With all the nut-heavy products lining the grocery store shelves, you'll breathe a sigh of relief that there's one both allergen-free and decidedly not basic.

Biena Honey-Roasted Chickpea Snacks

Meet a delicious and nutritious dupe for honey-roasted peanuts that leans into the savory side: dry-roasted chickpeas are a perfect swap, especially when given a hint of organic wildflower honey and a whisper of sea salt. If you're looking high and low for a snack that gets as close as possible to nuts, a bag of honey-roasted Biena Chickpea Snacks is one of your best bets. They really do taste like a classic honey-roasted peanut, especially on the very first tasting note. Then, when you give 'em a crunch, the texture is a crackly and pleasant surprise. 

Chickpeas are lighter, airier, and crisper than more meaty nuts, but that's not a bad thing at all. In its golden-hued and spherical shape, you'll find that a roasted chickpea has a similar texture to a corn nut. The best comparison, if you've tried them before, is to a wasabi pea — only, without the intense spiciness, of course. Biena treats its little gems well. In turn, these crave-worthy snacks treat you well; Among the brief ingredient list is an abundance of natural plant-based protein, wholesome fiber, and a ton more reasons to love this snack.

Vermont Nut-Free Chocolates Sun Blossoms

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates is a very special wonderland of a place located up in bucolic Colchester, Vermont. The operation's goal is "to provide delicious, high-quality treats for the whole family to enjoy while guaranteeing that everything is completely peanut and tree nut free. That's our promise to you." With a wide array of tasty creations to explore, these chocolatey cups are a stunning starting point. A name like Sun Blossoms lets you know you're in for a brighter day of nibbling. Because sometimes, you need a snack, but you also need it to be a chocolate snack. For true, creamy, sweetened bliss, try the version with sunflower seed butter, and you'll quickly see how they can dethrone one of the best chocolate inventions of all time (you know the peanut butter cups we're talking about). 

Sunflower Blossoms are way too good to share or hand out during spooky season. It's better to keep them all to yourself. Unless you want to be known as the best neighbor of all time, that is. The milk chocolate variety is rich and creamy, while the dark chocolate is for those who find a sharper cocoa percentage important. Among either choice, the chocolate coating is smooth and decadent, surrounding a creamy yet slightly savory filling. When eaten cold, they have a snappy texture and a filling that stays dense and velveteen. At room temperature, the coating melts in your mouth, and the center gets delightfully silky. You can't lose.

Seneca Caramel Apple Chips

Well, here's some good news for the nut-free people out there — you don't even need a swipe of peanut butter to dress up these dried fruits! How do you like them apples, peanut butter? (Sorry, it was right there.) You can find apple chips at most stores these days, but if you want to have some fun with flavors, Seneca offers many flavored varieties; original apple, cinnamon, and, best of all, caramel flavor! Along with all the flavors you have to choose from, there are some different kinds of apples like Granny Smith or Golden Delicious. 

The simple Original bag is an unexpectedly amazing salad topper. Craving Panera's Fuji Apple Salad? It's the apple chips that take it to the next level, and you can easily recreate the fast-casual favorite at home when you have your own bag of apple crisps on hand! The cinnamon apple chips are a warming delight, and they're great with trendy dessert hummus or on apple cinnamon oatmeal. But, Seneca's Caramel Apple Chips deserve another special mention for delivering a honeyed sweetness, plus the satisfying chew, in the same way, a candied nut would. Seneca makes its original apple chips from fresh, whole apples which are sliced, crisped, and bursting with fresh flavor.

Nature Valley Coconut Butter Biscuits

Coconut butter is an ingenious creamy substitute for nut butter, and Nature Valley proves it. These convenient Nature Valley Biscuits with Coconut Butter sandwiches won't get soggy or stale like the traditional breaded kind. Instead, they are expertly constructed out of two whole grain toasted coconut "biscuits” that taste suspiciously like a frangible homemade oatmeal cookie that's been baked with sweet shredded coconut instead of the raisins. In between, where a nutter butter would typically lie, Nature Valley gives nut-free foodies a break by spreading satiny, tropical, fair coconut butter that has the subtle aroma of an island vacation. 

With an added hint of sweetness from honey and a heartiness thanks to the oats, there's a nice complexity that's hard to find in more generic single-serve packaged snacks. If your friends are grabbing their tried and true, same-old-same-old Cocoa Almond Butter Biscuits or basic Peanut Butter Biscuits during your crew's grocery store run, we suggest taking the road less traveled. Coconut Butter Biscuits will still take you along for the ride. Nature Valley makes snacks so well, and we think it's amazing that they have some for the nut-free people out there.

Salted Roasted Edamame

Do you spend your weekends cooking up a big batch of green beans and squirreling them away for snacking at a later point? No, you probably do not. Green beans are not exactly the snack of choice for the general population. But edamame is not your grandma's green bean — limp, soggy, and unappealing. Edamame is indeed small beans in a verdant color, but they actually can taste really, really good if given a fair chance. 

In case you need further convincing, they pack a nutrient punch that's hard to beat. ⅓ of a cup of these Dry Roasted Sea Salt Edamame from Seapoint Farms contains 14 grams of protein, 22% of your recommended daily dose of fiber, 15% of your iron, and 10% of your potassium ... you get the idea. In fact, the bag proudly proclaims that they have 40% less fat and 70% more protein than peanuts. And when you get edamame dry-roasted and perfectly salted in a handy shelf-stable bag, you get a highly convenient and surprisingly tasty snack. They look a lot like pistachios and have that savory chew, but you guessed it — they have a lot more going for them.

Lance Vanilla Crème Sandwich Cookies

The joys of Ritz Bits crackers are well known, and if you're lucky enough to be able to enjoy some peanut butter every so often, we always recommend giving them a try. There's just something about small snack-sized sandwiches that's really comforting and also happens to taste pretty darn great. It's got to be the textural contrast of two biscuity cracker layers with a creamy, almost fudgy filling in between. Speaking of fudge, many people would gladly trade a peanut butter snack "sandwich" for a chocolate-filled one with no hard feelings. But while nut butter still qualifies as a suitable snack, some chocolate at the wrong moment can be overly decadent. Back to the drawing board. There's got to be an in-between, right? 

Here, have a Vanilla Crème Nekot sandwich cookie, courtesy of Lance. While this brand makes recognizable peanut-butter-filled sandwich-style snacks, you'll obviously want to avoid those if you have a nut allergy. And, if you're avoiding nuts but don't want to veer into the chocolate territory, a box of these is especially for you. The blonde, scalloped cookies protect a smear of buttery vanilla filling that holds together a snack of six little cookies in one convenient sleeve. Not as allergy-alarming as a packet of Nutter Butters or as degenerate as a sleeve of Oreos, keep these aromatic, warm-spice picks around for your sweeter snack attacks.

Crisp Green All-Natural Freeze-Dried Bananas

Thanks to Crispy Fruits for bringing us a unique nut-free snack. These freeze-dried banana babies are full of the amazing potassium that runs rampant in the world's most popular fruits and are 100% natural — no extra sugar included. Also, they have zero additives but will still last years in your pantry. Pull a handful from the bag, and you'll find that the flaky texture certainly isn't a perfect replica of nuts, but it does the trick in a pinch. Plus, All Banana chips from Crispy Fruitshaves that subtle sweetness you crave in a handful of nuts. Since we do eat with our eyes first, the packaging makes a difference. On an ocean-blue backdrop, a bunch of bright-yellow bananas sends a vivid message: what you see is what you get, and the getting is good!

If you think you don't like dried fruit or only associate it with prunes hanging in the back of the pantry, give freeze-dried fruits a shot. The natural sugar in nature's candy is exponentially heightened, and the texture is somewhere between playful fruit leather and good old dentist-disapproved taffy. You might even be able to get picky eaters to partake by playing up that candy concept. This is a great way to enjoy fruit with no dollop of nut butter required.

Sunflower Seed Butter

As we've covered, one of the greatest things about nuts is the way they can be made into a spreadable substance that tastes amazing on, well, just about anything. Add some jam, chocolate, or honey and it's downright divine. Peanut butter, which has a fascinating origin story that isn't necessarily traced back to George Washington Carver after all, paved the way for almond butter, cashew butter, and even fancy-schmancy concoctions like Peanut Pecan Butter with Wildflower Honey. But if you're allergic to nuts, you're just going to have to miss out on all the fun, right? 

Wrong! Instead, the simple and easy swap for peanut butter is the must-try breakout star, sunflower seed butter. It's packed with all the nutrients and benefits that Healthline has established as a bonus to the earthy taste of these sunny little seeds. The texture is eerily similar, the flavor perhaps even better. For all those moms out there with nut-free kids, wishing they could just throw some peanut butter on crackers and call it a day — this seed butter can save the day. Use this product as a substitute for nut butter in your homemade baked goods, too.

Oathaus Vanilla Granola Butter

Our "Alternative To Nut Butter Saga" continues in epic style with this ingenious spin on allergen-laden, widely-available styles of spreadable butter. In this option, you'll love that the vanilla adds some complementary sweetness. Brought to you by Oat Haus, this miracle product also smells amazing — the warming aroma when you open the jar has a nut butter beat. And just like nut butter, a little goes a long way, so while a jar is quite expensive, it's a good investment. 

In the Oat Haus Vanilla Granola Butter, there's no single overpowering flavor, so the delicate notes in the short ingredient list really meld together and create a lovely balance between many elements. The smoothness of olive oil, the silkiness of maple syrup, a fresh brightness of coconut oil, and toasty gluten-free oats, all finalized by a woodsy floral dash of rosemary extract and the spiced sophistication of vanilla. This dip is simply divine.

You probably inferred this, but the spread is gluten-free as well as soy-free, dairy-free, organic, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and devoid of refined sugar or artificial sweetener. It's a beautiful thing when you find something so safe to consume that's also so satisfying. If you like the vanilla version, you'll go wild over the Cookie Dough, Coffee, Birthday Cake, or even Strawberry Shortcake flavored granola butter nut-free spread.

Honey Roasted Sesame Sticks

Nuts serve many purposes in the snack world. Obviously, they're fine all by themselves, delightful when baked into brownies, and fancy when scattered over a chef's salad. You may also find them sitting humbly amongst friends in a trail mix, never the center of attention (candy and candy-coated-paraphernalia are usually the shiniest objects). Still, they add a nice savoriness to a sweet blend. What can you use to achieve that same balance if you're nut-free? Try honey-roasted sesame sticks. You may never look back.

Seeds of all sorts are a great nut alternative, from pumpkin to flax to chia. And if sesame seeds dress up a plain bagel to great effect, they'll do the same to your trail mix. You may be surprised by how good these are by themselves or on your at-home chef's salad, too. The touch of sweetness, tempered by earthy nuttiness, makes them extra irresistible and perhaps a cut above your typical honey-roasted peanut.

Quaker Apple Cinnamon Puffed Granola

Quaker has brought the world a playful interpretation of granola. Clearly, the company is known for its old-fashioned oatmeal, thick and warming and just right on the coldest days of deep winter. Texturally, this Quaker Puffed Granola is the opposite of that, but in the flavor department, it's just as warming. Puffed granola is a lot like a nostalgic childhood cereal, just with way more whole grains (an impressive 36 grams per serving, to be exact). It's also much more complex, thanks to the combo of airy rice, crunchy oat flakes, and chewy freeze-dried apple chips.

The classically flavorful spicy-sweetness of apples and cinnamon means there's no need for nutty notes since they deliver a similar savory balance to a well-toasted nut. Of course, there's already plenty of great mouthfeel with the inventive puffed consistency. Quaker Puffed Granola is easy to snack by the handful straight from the box, in milk, or atop yogurt. Etherial, fluffy granola might just beat the more typically dense, crustier kind.

Melissa's Pumpkin Seed Clean Snax

When you're more in the mood for a wholesome, hearty snack to make you feel ready for some serious hiking (or just taking a hike through Target for the sixth time this week), you'll appreciate knowing about these poppable nut-free energy bites. Grab a package of Pumpkin Seed Clean Snax and keep them in your car, backpack, or on your desk. This is a snack that will give you the strength to ace whatever's next, and will do so without a massive sugar rush. In just six perfectly bite-sized cubes, you'll get 7 grams of protein, 10% of your recommended daily dose of iron, heart-healthy fats, and much less sodium than most packaged foods.

The ingredients are impressively rugged, including pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseed, and chia seeds, all bound together with a little sweetness and a peppering of sea salt. You would be hard-pressed to find a wholesome energy bite that doesn't star nuts or at least feature them in a supporting role. If you take nothing else away from this list, remember this: When in doubt, seeds are a great dupe for nuts. Thanks, Melissa!

Moon Cheese

If you are reaching for the nut butter not necessarily for its (fabulous) taste alone but also for its boost of protein and healthy fats, you should know other foods have those in spades. Cheese! And think about it: you're not really missing out on much by adding more cheese to your life, right? Moon Cheese is amazing for a lot of reasons. 

First, as was previously stated and is extremely obvious, it's cheese, meaning it's delicious, sharp, unctuous, and the perfect addition to any salad at mealtime. This product is 100% pure fromage, so it leaves nothing to be desired for the dairy-do purists out there. Second, it's shelf-stable, which solves the universal cheese expiration problem for dairy lovers everywhere. Who wouldn't love to bring some slices of their favorite hard cheese to keep on the desk all day, available to snack on at will? With most cheeses, doing so would be unsafe, but with Moon Cheese, there's no need for a fridge. Third, these bites' crispy yet chewy texture resembles that of a walnut or pecan, so it works excellently when scattered on top of everything where you'd otherwise add a toasted nut. More cheese, please!

Snyder's Butter Pretzel Rounds

In short, anywhere where you'd otherwise find a buttery toasted nut, you can now consider a perfect spot to substitute one of these cute little pretzel balls. In fact, anywhere where you'd otherwise snack on a mini pretzel (and that definitely includes those minuscule ones swimming around in a bag of Chex Mix), you might find that Snyder's Butter Rounds do the job just a little bit better. These light, crunchy, bite-sized pretzels are steeped in butter flavor and have the added bonus of being in a fun new shape because, in snacks, it's okay to play with your food. 

These are the pretzel version of the cheese balls you find in the enormous tubs. You know, the ones that left orange dust all over your fingers! Except, you could munch on these endlessly on their own, without much mess — or add them to a homemade variety of snack odds and ends. If you're a baker, the buttery undertones of these pretzels makes them ideal for a Monster cookie or crumbled atop a rich brownie, adding the elusive saltiness that takes sweets to the next level.

Trader Joe's Hula Cruncha

If there's a flavor profile that's really all the rage these days, it might just be umami. All the cool kids and trendy spots flaunt their umami-rich products as the missing piece of your culinary life. According to BioMed Research International, umami is a core taste, considered the fifth among sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. The umami flavor, which means "the essence of deliciousness in Japanese," per the Ajinomoto Group, comes from amino acids that create a "meaty, savory deliciousness that deepens flavor."

That said, it's easy to understand why this fifth flavor is the perfect X-factor to add to snacks. From peanut worms to shrimp paste, an umami-laced ingredient takes dishes to the next level. 

Another more accessible way to add umami while subtracting any nuts? Soy sauce! Trader Joe's puts it to good use in its aqua-colored bag of Hula Cruncha, a popcorn and rice cracker mix that's brittle, crumbly, and endlessly savory. Seasoned with tamari soy sauce, vinegar powder, seaweed (another umami standout), and spices like onion powder, garlic, paprika, and cayenne ... is your mouth watering yet?

Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

One thing you absolutely cannot consume if you're allergic to nuts is a Snickers bar. And you can go ahead and add Mr. Goodbar, Almond Joy, Payday, and even the elegant Ferrero Rocher to the list. When you really think about it, Halloween is a far spookier holiday for anyone who's nut-free. While a worthy substitute for peanut butter cups has already been established (peep Sun Blossoms), Unreal Brands offers another option to round out your nut-free candy bowl. These Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars are rich, dense, and chewy.

With the sugar slashed — thanks to the use of cassava syrup in lieu of corn syrup or other sources of sweetness — the bars are also much more nutritious (and will keep you full much longer) than a Snickers. But if you do happen to get an unfortunate craving for chocolate close to bedtime, these have 51% less sugar than the leading brand — which means a 51% greater chance of avoiding a late-night sugar rush. Go forth and enjoy.