How Alton Brown Stores Brownies For Maximum Freshness

It's becoming quite clear that Alton Brown loves brownies and honestly, who doesn't? In 2021, Brown declared his love for the rich, chocolatey treat once more when he reloaded his brownie recipe for the second time. He's already shared his secret for getting the perfect ooey gooey brownie with the ideal crispy crust so if you're unfamiliar with that technique, you might want to learn that trick first.

For anyone unfamiliar with the history, the brownie was invented in 1893 by Chicago philanthropist and socialite Bertha Palmer when she was looking for a new and chic dessert that would fit into the boxes used for a ladies' luncheon (via Forbes). The chefs at her family's hotel knocked it out of the park and the rest is history.

Whether you're a fan of Brown's recipe or you just baked your favorite boxed brownie mix in an aluminum pan, Brown has a trick for storing your brownies so that they maintain peak freshness.

Don't zip it

When storing any baked goods, the trick is not to let them get too dry or soggy. According to Bake Calc, you want to avoid the refrigerator when storing most baked goods because it can dry them out. also points out that most baked goods will hold just fine at room temperature. But, if we are keeping them on the counter, what should you store them in?

When it comes time to store your favorite brownies, according to his website, Alton Brown advises against using Ziplock bags. He explains that an airtight container will result in soggy brownies, which would ruin the crispy edges that make this treat so satisfying. Rather than storing your brownies in an airtight container, Brown recommends first letting the brownies cool entirely, then wrapping them in wax paper before storing them in a tin with a couple of holes poked into the top to allow for some air to escape. This technique can be employed for blondies and cookies too! It will keep them clean from any kitchen debris while helping them maintain their integrity. Hard to argue with the master himself.