The Filling (And Cheap) Potato Sandwich Brooklyn Loves

Breakfast sandwiches are one of the most popular foods in America, with countless restaurants boasting their own breakfast sandwich variations. The right ingredients pressed between two toasted pieces of bread have the power to start your day off right — full and satisfied. For this reason, sandwich enthusiasts in Brooklyn have Defonte's. Even after 100 years of service, this Italian-American deli continues to pass sandwiches over the counter with friendly smiles. As CBS New York reports, this family-run establishment attracts devotees in search of traditional comforts, roast pork specials, and the perfect fried chicken sandwich. 

The Nicky Special is one of the oldest house specials and is made from capicola, salami, and fried eggplant (per New York Magazine). But there's one sandwich in particular that has attracted fanatics, and for less than $8, we'd say you're getting a deal. Whether you're heading out for breakfast, or need a hearty snack later in the day, this order will not disappoint.

A meat-free sandwich that'll stick to your bones

Alan from Kindred Souls of Brooklyn says, "This is my favorite sandwich of all time and from the very first time I ate one at Defonte's in Red Hook, Brooklyn, I was in love with it for life." He recounts how this breakfast was originally called the poor man's sandwich because the readily available and hearty ingredients used "would stick to a man's bones while he performed the heavy dock work in Brooklyn" that supported most families between the 20th century and World War II.

Order an eggs-potato-cheese sandwich, and you'll get a filling meat-free sandwich with potatoes cooked right into the eggs (via JL Jupiter). According to Defonte's menu, seasoned baked potatoes, mozzarella, and eggs are prepared in a cast iron skillet, and for an extra $1.50, you can get Virginia ham added as well. The Takeout claims you can find this sandwich in any area of New York City with Italian history and restaurants, but there's something about Defonte's that's special to the locals. 

The sandwich is simple, easy, and doesn't require exceptional skill to put together. If you can't make it to New York to try new food, this recipe is worth trying to recreate at home.