The Secret Feature On French's Mustard Bottles For Mess-Free Usage

Whether you spread it on a sandwich, squirt it on a hot dog, or use it to add a kick to a dish, yellow mustard is a condiment that's always good to have on hand. But let's be honest, it can often get messy. Squeeze the bottle a little too hard and you'll end up with mustard all over the cap, and unless you unscrew it and rinse it off, that leftover mustard starts to build up and get gross over time. Luckily, there's an easy way to avoid this — at least if you happen to be using French's yellow mustard.

Taking to YouTube to share his discovery, content creator Chris Notap revealed a little known fact about the brand's bottle. As it turns out, the cap actually has a built-in feature that's designed to keep the mess to a minimum whenever you use it. Despite the fact that French's is perhaps the most well-known yellow mustard brand, most people, or at least the ones in the comments section of the video, had no clue the feature existed.

The French's mustard lid can be locked in place

The mustard lid feature may be useful, but it's not one that French's openly advertises and it's also very well hidden. As YouTuber Chris Notap demonstrated in his video, the special notch is located on the backside of the cap. When you flip the lid as far back as it can go, it latches onto that notch. The lid will make a satisfying click, and that's how you'll know it's locked firmly in place and ready to use. Then, when you go to squirt some mustard on your food, it'll always be a mess-free experience.

There are plenty of other yellow mustards you can get at your local grocery store, but according to the comments of another TikTok spreading the word, French's seems to be the only brand that has this feature. If you want to keep your mustard bottle as clean as possible, therefore, you'll have to start with buying the French's kind.