A New Taco Bell Dessert Could Be The Franchise's Fanciest Yet

Dessert probably isn't the first thing to mind when you think of Taco Bell. While the fast food franchise's menu does feature two signature sweets — Cinnabon delights and cinnamon twists — savory food is really what Taco Bell does best. That may soon change, however, given that Taco Bell has partnered with upscale New York bakery, Milk Bar, to create a one-of-a-kind dessert (via Taco Bell).

According to Forbes, the creation comes as a follow-up to Dessert Nachos, a previous mashup between the two brands. Dessert Nachos were served exclusively at a Taco Bell Friendsgiving event back in 2018, and consisted of Milk Bar cookies shaped as tortilla chips and covered with chocolate and vanilla "nacho" sauce and sweet and salty toppings including sprinkles, chocolate chips, and almond brittle chunks. 

The special dessert was such a hit that four years later it turned into an official partnership, ultimately resulting in the creation of the Strawberry Bell Truffle. "This one-of-a-kind truffle is the friendship-fueled fruition of a concept made possible by a mutual dedication to innovation," Taco Bell Corp. executive chef Rene Pisciotti stated in the press release.

What does the Strawberry Bell Truffle taste like?

Cream filled, cinnamon sugar coated donut holes are already pretty top tier for a fast food joint, but Taco Bell and Milk Bar's Strawberry Bell Truffle is next level. Taking inspiration from Milk Bar's fancy dessert selection and Taco Bell's bold flavors, the Strawberry Bell Truffle features vanilla cake with chunks of strawberry. As described in the press release, the cake is soaked in strawberry milk, filled with sweet corn fudge, and coated with a sweet and salty layer of strawberry, sweet corn cake, and crushed-up taco shell.

The dessert is currently in its testing phase from August 4 through August 16, The Street reports, but if it performs well it will be added to the permanent menu. For the time being, you can get Strawberry Bell Truffles in New York City at the Milk Bar on Broadway, or in California, at either the Milk Bar in Los Angeles or the Taco Bell on Red Hill Ave. in Orange County. The dessert is sold in a pack of two for $2.99.