What You Need To Know Before Buying Tequila At Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's has developed somewhat of a cult following over the years, and they've made a name for themselves with their store brand specialty products like ube spread, Everything But The Bagel seasoning, and various frozen appetizers. Trader Joe's also offers a variety of their own brand of alcohol available in stores. Their bourbon and beers have hit it off with the adult crowd, and they even sell a line of tequila seltzers. 

To be truly considered tequila, the drink must be made from blue agave and produced in Jalisco, Mexico. If the alcohol is distilled anywhere else in Mexico or made from any other kind of agave, it is considered a mescal. Tequila also requires the heart of the agave plant to be cooked in a large oven from 12 to 40 hours, before the juice is separated from the fiber. Then, once the juice has had time to ferment, it is distilled twice, and poured into barrels to age. With that process in mind, here's how Trader Joe's tequila stacks up against Costco's Kirkland bargain brand.

Quality versus quantity

If you are looking to save some money and make homemade drinks for a crowd, you may want to check out Costco's Kirkland brand tequila instead. Trader Joe's Tequila Blanco is listed at $19.99 for 750 ml on their website, while Kirkland's Tequila Silver comes in at $18.99 for a 1.75 L bottle, per The Tequila Tourist. With over twice the amount of alcohol for almost the exact same price, it comes down to taste preference.

The Tequila Tourist notes that Kirkland's tequila features a light agave flavor with little burn, making it great for sipping on its own or mixing into drinks. Best Tasting Spirits states that the Trader Joe's tequila features notes of black pepper, agave, and citrus, and maintains a low price without sacrificing flavor.

Whether you are mixing up margaritas or sipping it straight over ice, tequila is a great addition for any mixed drink. However, if you are planning on making drinks for a party full of people, you may want to consider Kirkland's tequila to save some cash.