Use This Easy Method For Making Mess-Free Pancakes Every Time

Do you like to make your pancakes at home? Maybe you like doing it from scratch, or maybe you have a handy-dandy bag of Red Mills mix in the pantry; whatever the case may be, pancakes on a Saturday morning are hard to beat. There is one pesky downside to pancake-making that could put a damper on your weekend: the mess. Whether your kids snuck a few fingers into the batter, or you accidentally spilled some while ladling it into the frying pan, pancakes are notoriously messy. And if you've ever made the mistake of waiting until after breakfast to start cleaning up, you know that it is a down-right pain to scrape dried, flaking batter off your stove tops and kitchen counters.

There is an easy solution though. Next time you run out of a condiment like ketchup, mustard, or mayo, save the bottle, per Taste of Home. And next time you have some homemade pancake batter on hand, don't reach for your ladle.

No muss, no fuss

The cure for messy pancakes is using an old condiment bottle! For this culinary trick, make sure you carefully wash out your container before use (we don't want any tomato-flavored pancakes), or you can buy a new squeeze bottle. Either way, funneling your pancake batter into a squeezable container ensures that your tricky batter only comes out when and where you want it to, which means you won't have to scrape your counter clean every time you want breakfast (via Awesome Inventions). 

According to Food Republic, the best way to use your squeeze bottle is by cutting a bigger hole at the tip. This allows you to squeeze out the thickest and fluffiest of batters and prevents potential clogs made by flour pockets. They also point out that the squeeze bottle is a great way to access your inner artist because the control allows you to easily create fun designs with your food!