The Bizarre Way Tito's Is Marketing Its Nonexistent Canned Cocktails

Heading to a party and in need of a 6-pack to bring along? Now it's easier than ever to get your hands on a wide variety of canned cocktails and hard seltzers, with seemingly every alcohol brand hopping on the trend. However, Tito's, the Texas-based brand known for its signature handmade vodka, is sticking to what it does best. And apparently, it's not canned drinks. In an ad spot published on YouTube, Tito's announced that it would not be introducing a new line of beverages. "There comes a time when every alcohol brand must ask should we make a seltzer and our answer is — no," the announcer says in the ad.

Tito's is taking that "no" to the next level by releasing a product cleverly called Tito's in a Can, an empty can that can be filled with Tito's vodka. According to the product listing on the Tito's website, the 16-ounce can is a stainless steel-fortified, double-insulated, BPA-free tumbler that keeps beverages hot or cold. It also comes with a screw-on lid to make it spill-proof.

Tito's is staying on-brand with its new product

Selling an empty can may seem like a silly publicity stunt, but it's also a matter of principle for Tito's. "We've been around for a quarter-century at this point, and there's been a lot of trends that have happened throughout the alcohol industry," Taylor Berry, vice president of Tito's brand marketing, shared with CNN Business. "We've stayed true to our roots — which is doing one thing and doing one thing right." Instead of ruining the integrity of its vodka with a fad that may eventually lose its charm, Tito's would rather stand by its existing product.

Berry also explained that this allows cocktail customizations to be left entirely up to the consumers, and if they want to make their Tito's more portable, the new can addresses that exact need. Tito's in a Can will only be sold for a limited time, but as stated on the online store and YouTube ad, net proceeds go to a charity of your choice upon checkout.