15 Starbucks Drinks That You Likely Won't See Again

Starbucks has introduced its fair share of unforgettable menu items since its opening in 1971. The company constantly creates new drinks that follow the seasons or trends, usually by altering existing beverages. Some of its beverages are classic staple items, for example, its handcrafted latte, which has had a consistent spot on the menu since its creation in 1984 (via Starbucks). Since then, new and exciting variations of it, such as the Pumpkin Spice Latte, have come about. And let's not forget about the classic Frappuccino and how often Starbucks puts a new twist on it.

Unfortunately, some menu items don't get to stick around long before the company decides it is best to withdraw them from the menu. It isn't unheard of for old favorites to make a return; some lucky items do find their way back to the list. But unfortunately, these specific drinks will likely stay retired.

Valencia Orange Refresher

Although Starbucks consumers have begged the establishment for the return of the Valencia Orange Refresher, it will likely not make an appearance again. After all, it has been a whole seven years since Starbucks decided to put an end to the zesty beverage (an ending that was unanticipated to many). The iced drink packed a punch with hints of orange and clementine, which paired perfectly with the accompanying spices and herbs (via Starbucks). To make the drink even better, it was garnished with an orange slice, making its appearance just as lovely as it tasted.

Some might assume that a fruity drink wouldn't contain any caffeine. But the untold truth about Starbucks refreshers is that they actually have quite a lot of caffeine, and the Valencia Orange was no exception. Unfortunately, Starbucks bumped The Valencia Orange off the menu to make room for the Strawberry Açaí. However, fans still wish the famous coffee chain would expand its menu to allow both drinks a chance to shine.

Unicorn Frappuccino

With its neon-looking hue, the Unicorn Frappuccino is hard to forget. But will you ever see it return to Starbucks locations nationwide? Starbucks announced the colorful drink was to be released in the spring of 2017 when the world of social media was in a frenzy over anything and everything that was unicorn-inspired. However, the mythical blended beverage will not likely come back now that the unicorn craze has died down. So, what did the unicorn Frappuccino taste like? Interestingly enough, it was not only sweet, but the blue streaks offered a sour taste.

One of the most intriguing things to consumers was that they could make it change colors; when mixing the purple drink base and the blue streaks, the beverage would turn to a pretty pink. Additionally, it was garnished with whipped cream and a pink powder, making it look magical and dreamy, as the name suggests. However, according to Today, Starbucks was sued by a café called The End over a claim that the Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks was too similar to its unicorn drink. So ultimately, the Starbucks blended beverage making a return at this point is improbable.

Fruitcake Frappuccino

The Fruitcake Frappuccino will likely never appear again because it clearly wasn't as big of a hit as the coffee shop planned. Although it's not unheard of for a Frappuccino to be dessert inspired, turning the flavors of fruitcake into a blended beverage must've been a challenge for the Seattle-based coffee establishment. Fruitcake is a well-known holiday treat, which makes sense why the Frappuccino was introduced momentarily as one of the Starbucks holiday drinks in 2016.

The drink's base was a delicious hazelnut crème Frappuccino and other elements that created a peculiar combination. The strangeness came in with the addition of matcha, caramel, dried fruit, and cinnamon (and, of course, don't forget the whipped cream). According to Spoon University, if customers bought the Fruitcake Frappuccino, they were promised a free reusable sleeve for their cup, which resembled an ugly Christmas sweater. Although many patrons were unsure how they felt about the drink, at least they got something else out of it.

Cool Lime Refresher

Among all the refreshers ever released, the Cool Lime Refresher still makes noise despite being pulled off the menu years ago. Starbucks fans adored the fruity drink, which was perfect for hot weather days. As you could guess, it was an iced lime-flavored drink with hints of mint, and incredibly refreshing. When looking at Starbucks secret menu refreshers you should try, it is only natural to wish that the beautiful green drink was still available so that you could customize it. Starbucks took to its official Twitter account to individually answer fans who were on the hunt for the zesty drink, explaining that the company removed it from the menu because it needed to clear the way for other products to be released. At this point, it's clear that there are no plans to reintroduce the Cool Lime Refresher, and settling for another fruity drink will just have to do.

Zombie Frappuccino

Like other limited edition drinks, Starbucks made it clear that the Zombie Frappuccino was only going to be available for a short time, precisely a six-day window during Halloween in 2017. The spooky blended beverage was not the first Halloween-themed Frappuccino to be released. When looking at similar drinks, different creepy creatures such as vampires and Frankenstein's monster inspired the past creations. However, with the Zombie Frappuccino, Starbucks brilliantly put a twist on a classic autumn treat: the caramel apple. The beverage had a Frappuccino crème base, with sour apple and rich caramel undertones, followed by a whipped cream topping. What makes the drink zombie-like is its bright green color and red mocha drizzle. The drink was certainly playful and festive, but seeing how Starbucks is constantly creating new limited-edition beverages, it is improbable that you will ever get the chance to get your hands on a Zombie Frappuccino again.

Chile Mocha

In 2016, Starbucks released the Chile Mocha in its fall drink collection alongside the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte. As reported by Cosmopolitan, the drink had a peculiar yet not too overpowering mixture of sweet and spicy. What made the drink different from anything Starbucks had ever released was its whopping six distinct spices, with ancho chili pepper and cayenne being the most notable. The blend of spices on the dusting greatly enhanced the chocolatey flavor of the drink. Consumers could also choose to turn the Chile Mocha into an iced blended beverage if they wished. Despite receiving positive feedback, it just wasn't enough for the drink to stick around because it ultimately competed with the Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is a hard drink to beat. The Chile Mocha will always be on the list of discontinued Starbucks drinks that need to make a comeback, but unfortunately, the drink coming back to life is more or less wishful thinking.

Cherries Jubilee Mocha

Cherries and chocolate, in drink form? Yes, that's right, the Cherries Jubilee Mocha did exist for a short time in select locations. The beverage was similar to a regular mocha, except it had cherry syrup, a whipped cream topping, and a fine dusting of cocoa on top. The classic cherries jubilee dessert likely inspired the creation of the drink. The original dessert consists of poached cherries in sugar flambéed and poured over vanilla ice cream (via Auguste Escoffier School Of Culinary Arts).

Although chocolate and cherries are commonly a great match, the drink that Starbucks released for testing never moved past the experimental phase, according to Today. The Seattle-based coffee chain would have debuted the chocolatey beverage in the presence of other holiday drinks had it received a pleasant response. However, Starbucks did end up releasing a similar drink for Valentine's Day called the Cherry Mocha, which received better feedback from the public overall. There is always hope for Starbucks to create a new cherry-flavored drink, but the comeback of the Cherries Jubilee is doubtful.


Although the Chantico was released at Starbucks almost two decades ago and didn't even last an entire year, loyal customers are still discussing the beverage. The drink was highly rich, and it was only available in one size, which was six ounces. Many customers enjoyed the deep flavors it provided, so the reason why the Starbucks Chantico drink flopped is a mystery to some. 

The real reason why the company decided to put an end to the drink is that it wasn't customizable enough for its consumers, regardless of the fact that it was tasty on its own. Many people enjoy Starbucks because they can personalize their drinks with different add-ins, toppings, and milk, but that wasn't possible with the Chantico. Although the beverage had a short life span, it assuredly made its mark on Starbucks fanatics, who are hopeful to see its return someday. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that scenario is on the books because it has been about 17 years since the beverage debuted and dipped.

Protein Blended Cold Brews

In 2018, Starbucks released two Protein Blended Cold Brews, one which was almond flavored and the other which was cacao flavored. Despite the initial excitement from patrons about having a Starbucks drink that could fuel them with 10-12 grams of protein, the drinks didn't last forever. The company made it clear that the unique cold brew options would not become a menu staple but would only be around while supplies last. After all, releasing an iced blended beverage for the summertime makes sense. It was aimed at their plant-based customers because the cold brew beverage contained dairy-free milk and protein. The almond drink had sweet traces of bananas and dates with almond butter and milk. On the other hand, the cacao option had coconut milk and cacao powder with the same banana and date blend. Although these blended drinks are no longer available, you can opt for a plant-based protein box instead if you are looking to get your protein fix.


When Starbucks had a Sunset Menu, the company temporarily released the Granita drinks, a trio of frozen treats, each with a different flavor. The Sunset Menu ran after 3 p.m. daily. It offered exclusive items that shoppers couldn't order in the morning or early afternoon, perhaps a way to bring customers back to the establishment in the evening. As reported by People, the three flavors were Caramel Espresso, Teavana Youthberry White Tea, and Strawberry Lemon Limeade. The variation of flavors ensured patrons could find something they were in the mood for, whether it be coffee-flavored, fruity, or tart. Unfortunately, although the refreshing drinks were ideal for summer weather, they didn't produce as many sales as they should have. If the drink had been available to buy all day long, it might have stuck around longer. But seeing that Starbucks knows how to nail a Frappuccino significantly better than a slushy, odds are that Granitas will remain a thing of the past.

Juniper Latte

The Juniper Latte made its first appearance in 2018 when the coffee corporation released it among the array of holiday drinks such as the Chestnut Praline Latte and Eggnog Latte. Although some holiday drinks have become so popular that they appear yearly, the Juniper Latte had a short run. Some patrons did enjoy the drink, but most of them didn't. The Juniper Latte was made just like any other latte, with the addition of juniper syrup and pine-citrus dust on top. It didn't take long for consumers to start mocking the drink, comparing its flavor to dirt and Pine-Sol cleaner (via Today). Even though the drink was taken off the menu and never seen again, the slight majority of fans who enjoyed it are still reaching out to Starbucks in hopes of the drink coming back. According to the Starbucks official Twitter account, the company is sticking to its guns about discontinuing the earthy latte as of November. Seeing that the beverage doesn't have the best track record, it is unlikely that Starbucks will ever take the chance of offering it again.

Red Velvet Cake Frappuccino

Although the Red Velvet Cake Frappuccino only existed for a short period, the story behind how it came about is quite wholesome. In 2015, for the 20th anniversary of the Frappuccino, Starbucks decided to let fans choose a 'fan flavor' Frappuccino. In the process, the company released six different Frappuccino flavors for fans to try out and vote on. The Red Velvet Cake Frappuccino was in the lineup of beverages, but it, unfortunately, didn't win the competition. It could've been released as a limited-edition menu item if it had received a substantial number of votes. As reported by People, the blended beverage's flavor did not resemble delicious red velvet cake in the slightest. Sadly, it tasted too artificial and was missing key elements of a classic red velvet treat, like the cream cheese flavor. Even though it missed the mark for many, you can still try to recreate it on your own by ordering a Frappuccino with mocha sauce and raspberry syrup; just don't expect it to taste like cake.


Once upon a time, Starbucks released an icy drink called the Sorbetto, which was like a sorbet in beverage form. The idea itself was great for a summer drink, but the company ended up scrapping it from the menu. It was never released nationwide, but it did have a trial run at hundreds of locations, especially on the West Coast, as reported by The Seattle Times. Starbucks must have taken its employees' feelings about the drink into consideration when deciding whether to keep it on the menu or not. As mentioned by Chicago Tribune, there were many complaints from baristas about the drink-making process. Unless Starbucks could find a way to make the drink easier on employees, it is unlikely that the fruity drink will ever make its rounds again. After all, it makes more sense to have menu items that can be made quickly to give customers fast service

Dark Barrel Latte

The Dark Barrel Latte is one of the many drinks at Starbucks that was tested quietly but never made an official debut. The concept of the drink was rather interesting. Although you might assume it involved alcohol because of its name, it didn't actually contain any beer. According to the Los Angeles Times, only two states offered the drink at all, so most customers didn't have access to it. The latte wasn't like any other because its peculiar beer-flavored syrup resulted in mixed reviews. For a short time, Starbucks did offer alcoholic beverages at specific locations when trying to gain evening customers (via Forbes). However, it seems as though the coffee chain's clientele prefers the company to stick to what it's best at (coffee rather than alcohol). In the end, it isn't in the best interest of Starbucks to ever bring back the Dark Barrel Latte because it didn't have enough hype from customers who tested it out. If Starbucks fanatics had initially appreciated it, the stout-like drink probably would've had a different fate.

Tie-Dye Frappuccino

The Tie-Dye Frappuccino made a splash in the summer of 2019. This blended beverage was only available for a limited time and hasn't made a return to the menu since. Its appearance was colorful, possibly too fluorescent for a drink, and it received muddled opinions. At the time, tie-dye fashion was making a comeback, so it makes sense why Starbucks would jump on the trend train. It wouldn't be the first time the company used trends to market new items.

So, what did the Tie-Dye Frappuccino taste like? According to Vogue, the blended beverage tasted very sugary and had a slightly different flavor with each sip (no wonder consumers were unsure how to feel about it). Aside from its odd flavor, baristas had difficulty making the drink because of all the different components and food dyes required. Releasing it for only a short time was smart because patrons and employees alike didn't have the best attitude toward it. Ultimately, it is probably better for the Tie-Dye Frappuccino to remain a short-lived creation.