How Ina Garten Prepares Perfectly Tender Duck Breast

Most people will go to any length to prepare the perfect meal. Steaks should be seared, chicken should be juicy, and duck should be tender (via Canard Soulard). When the entreƩ is perfectly cooked, the hungry crowd is happy.

Often, duck is mistakenly cooked like chicken, but Wonder How To says to remember that not all poultry is created equal. The site says that duck breast is succulent, dark meat that is covered in rich fat, and when it is cooked like chicken, it becomes chewy and loses moisture. When a duck is cooked correctly, it is rich, moist, and luscious enough to serve on a fine dining menu.

You must follow a few basic tips to prepare duck the right way. Fortunately for us, Ina Garten shares her tips on how to prepare perfectly tender duck breast. So, before you cook your next duck, keep reading to learn more.

Pound, season, and refrigerate

Ina Garten knows the trick to preparing perfectly cooked duck breast. In a Food Network YouTube video, she begins with two one-pound Mallard duck breasts, places them between two pieces of parchment paper, and pounds them with a rolling pin. The Barefoot Contessa explains that this tenderizes the meat and helps them cook more evenly. The duck breast should be about an inch thick throughout. Next, she seasoned each breast generously on each side with salt and placed them in the refrigerator for six hours. Garten says that the time in the fridge allows the meat to soak up the salt, adding delicious flavor.

Happy Muncher says duck is versatile, has a mild flavor, and pairs well with many seasonings. They recommend seasoning duck with herbs such as thyme, sage, celery salt, bay leaves, rosemary, and chives, among many others.

Next time you want to prepare duck, remember Ina Garten's tip for perfectly prepared duck breast; pound, season, and refrigerate for six hours before cooking.