The Unconventional Way To Extend The Life Of Your Steel Wool Pads

Steel wool pads are a lifesaver for getting that ultimate deep clean on pots and pans and scrubbing many other household items. Unfortunately, these pads often rust before we can fully use them. Making them the perfect addition to any kitchen sink, until they aren't. The rusty mess these pads leave behind after only a few uses is disheartening, especially when the rust ruins your favorite pan. Those brown stains are nearly impossible to remove (via Webstaurant).

Storing steel wool pads to extend their life saves not only time, but also saves money. According to Market Watch, the global steel wool soap pads market is expected to rise drastically between 2022 and 2028. That means many of us are using abrasive pads for cleaning more than ever. Stop overspending on steel wool pads because they rust. Learn the unconventional way to extend the life of your steel wool pads below.

Put your steel wool pads in the freezer

Freeze steel wool pads to extend their life. That's right, it may sound strange, but allow us to explain. Rusting occurs when water, oxygen (from the air), and iron mix per Sciencing. When these three elements meet, a chemical reaction occurs, which causes rust. Steel wool pads stored on your kitchen sink are a welcome opportunity for that brown icky stuff — A.K.A rust. Splashes of water and moisture from the faucet will constantly hit that steel wool pad, creating the ideal environment for rusting.

Wow So Clean says freezing the pad helps stop that rust in its tracks. By placing the pad in the freezer, any moisture within the wool will freeze, nixing any chance of moisture reacting with the iron. Seal that pad in an airtight resealable plastic bag, and you've stopped the oxygen exposure, too. Store your steel wool pads in the freezer to ensure one is available next time you need to remove rust from a cast iron skillet.