How To Use Aluminum Foil To Shape A Cake

Baking the perfect cake doesn't have to cost a lot of dough (pardon the pun). Cake pans can be expensive, especially when they're uniquely shaped. Depending on the type of baked goods you're making, it may require more than one of the specialty pans to create your masterpiece. Build a cake tower or bake a star cake — create your masterpiece in just a few simple steps. Fortunately, there's an inexpensive way to use aluminum foil to mold a cake into whatever shape you desire (via Reader's Digest).

There are many books, videos, websites, and cooking classes that teach baking tips and tricks. Many require expensive kitchen tools, decorating utensils, and spring-form pans to make baking easier. Rather than hunt down the exact size of the perfectly shaped cake pan, grab a roll of aluminum foil and a stapler and heed the following instructions on using foil to make a cake pan.

Mold foil into the desired shape

Simply shape the foil, pour your batter, and bake. Use your imagination to mold foil into teddy bear shapes, hearts, Christmas trees, or whatever shape you desire (via Reader's Digest). Lindsay Ann Bakes posted a YouTube video for DIY foil cake pans. In the instructional video, she says all you'll need is heavy-duty aluminum foil and a stapler to create your cake mold. Simply fold the foil several times to form a double thick layer and staple it to hold it in place.

In the video, she creates a foil heart, then places the heart onto a flat piece of foil. Then, she folds the flat piece into the foil heart to create the base of the "cake pan." Continue folding and shaping the foil until it is the perfect shape you want. Grease the foil with non-stick spray and place the foil mold on a baking sheet. Pour your batter into the foil mold and bake.

Aluminum foil is the kitchen staple that will forever change how you bake cakes.