What Makes Don Julio's Argentinean Cuisine So Unique

If you're looking for the best quality steak, look no further than Don Julio in Argentina. According to Dining With Frankie, the steakhouse serves top-notch steaks, sweet bread, salads, sausages, and sides. It is a simple menu, exploiting the beef at every angle.

Dining With Frankie says the restaurant has indoor and outdoor patio seating. The 19th-century brick and tile building offers an eclectic, warm vibe, while the open grill displays succulent, smoky grilled meats. Travelers around the world rate the restaurant as the best steakhouse in Buenos Aires, mentioning that reservations are required if you desire to experience the high-end eatery (via Trip Advisor).

In addition to steak, Don Julio owns a wide range of high-quality wines, 14,000 Argentine labels, to be exact (via The World's 50 Best). The best wines are elegantly displayed on the building's walls, and many are marked with signatures of patrons from around the globe. You're bound to find the perfect pairing for your meal with such a wide selection. What is it that makes Don Julio's Argentinean cuisine so unique, though?

The beef is royalty

This prestigious restaurant's cuisine is unique because Don Julio's beef is unlike any other. According to The World's 50 Best, every ounce of meat comes from grass-fed Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle. The cattle are raised outside Buenos Aires in the beautiful countryside. Steak School notes that Angus meat is known for its high level of marbling, making the beef succulent and juicy. Hereford cattle are known for their beautiful marbling, protein, vitamin B, and iron content (via Hereford Beef).

The beef at Don Julio is stored in a climate-controlled aging chamber for 21 days as the beef matures. Once aged, the meat is passed to the head of the kitchen and charcuterie specialist Guido Tassi for inspection, then onto the patron's plate. The result is a delicious, top-quality cut of steak.

CN Traveler says all steak cuts are grilled in your presence by master griller Pepe Sotelo. From grass-fed short ribs to rib-eye and skirt steak, there's a cut for everyone. Each steak is served with a salad or fries, keeping it simple, with all focus on the elite beef.