Trader Joe's Continues To Expand Its Gluten-Free Options With New Pizza

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If you have any sort of dietary restrictions or are just looking for healthier alternatives to your favorite foods, Trader Joe's is the place to shop. The grocery store chain offers an extensive variety of vegan, gluten free, keto-friendly products, and frequently introduces new ones every season. Trader Joe's latest addition, as announced in an Instagram post, is a gluten-free frozen pizza.

As anyone who eats gluten-free knows, not only is it challenging to find products, many of them don't always taste that great. In that department, however, Trader Joe's seems to do well, with products like gluten-free breaded shrimp and gluten-free sour cream onion rings. As for the new pizza, most customers who have tried it are equally as impressed. "I'm so happy you guys brought this one in. It's actually good and I don't have to worry about my celiacs acting up," one user wrote in the comments of the Instagram post. Another added, "This pizza is really good. The topping combo is perfect!" So what makes Trader Joe's gluten-free pizza so great?

Trader Joe's gluten-free pizza is an upgrade of an older product

In the past, Trader Joe's gluten free pizza didn't get quite as positive of a reception. Back in 2017, the store released both a gluten-free cauliflower crust pizza as well as a plain cauliflower pizza crust, but the Amazon reviews (at least) were harsh, averaging 2.3 stars.

The recipe for the new pizza, according to the product listing on the Trader Joe's website, includes cauliflower, rice flour, chickpea flour, and cornstarch. It also contains herbed tomato sauce, part-skim mozzarella cheese, bell peppers, red onions, black olives, and uncured pepperoni. The pizza is big enough for three servings and is priced at $6.49 a box.

"Whenever we set out to develop a new gluten-free product, our goal is to make sure that it isn't just 'good, for gluten free,' but just plain good," Trader Joe's states in the product description. Just how "good" it actually tastes is up to the customers, but at least we have Trader Joe's word that it's better than the 2017 version.