Why A Meal At Geranium Can Take At Least 3 Hours

There are a variety of reasons people enjoy dining out. For one, there is no personal prep work, time spent behind the stove, or cleanup involved. It's also an opportunity for diners to try foods and meals they may not otherwise make in their own homes. For many, according to QSR Magazine, the choice to dine out involves convenience, particularly for those choosing fast food, quick service, or take-out options. When it comes to fine dining, however, a quick meal typically is not an option. Fine dining often involves taking in the atmosphere, perhaps pre-meal cocktails, conversation, and multiple courses. 

Travel + Leisure suggests that good restaurants expect a table of two to linger for about one hour and 45 minutes. A table of four is allotted two hours. The time is higher in European countries where it is not unusual for diners to stay for two to three hours. To stay longer than these time frames may result in numerous visits from your server asking, "Are you sure there is nothing else I can bring you?" or side stares from the maître d'. If, however, you are fortunate enough to snag a table at Denmark's Geranium, which was recently voted the best restaurant on the planet, you will be expected to get comfortable and tuck in for a minimum of three hours.

What's the holdup?

To begin, you will likely want time to take in the breathtaking and sweeping views of your surroundings as you are led to your table. Located high above Denmark's national soccer stadium overlooking the Fælledparken (the Common Gardens), the sights of nature are breathtaking, according to Forbes. Inside, guests are treated to modern Scandinavian decor among a light and airy space with views of the chefs in the open kitchen, per The World's 50 Best

As for the food — the locally inspired, seasonal tasting menu is split between appetizers, savory dishes and desserts, the menu consists of around 20 courses. Each dish presented is small, made with the intention of providing diners a few bites of the most luxurious and sublime ingredients created into culinary art. When you consider the extra wine pairings and inevitable oohing and ahhing that will take place between each course, you may understand why your experience at Geranium could potentially take all evening. 

If this seems tedious, remember, a meal here is much more than dinner, it is a verifiable experience. Just consider the fact that guests book their table three months in advance and must pay a minimum of 1500 DKK (a little over $200 US dollars) per person to confirm their reservation. Clearly, Geranium provides a stellar adventure that is worth the wait and worth your time.