The Clever Way To Use A Watermelon For Serving Drinks

Nothing screams summer more than watermelon. That's precisely why you should be using it as a centerpiece for all of your backyard barbecues. Whether you slice it, grill it, or even make a pizza with it, watermelon is a summer staple that begs to be shown off. But what better way to do that than by using it to serve refreshments?

Starting with the right watermelon is vital. Although it might be tricky to navigate how to pick the sweetest melon, Real Simple recommends seeking out a bright, round beauty with a yellow field spot. The age-old trick of tapping also holds true — listen for a deep, hollow sound.

While the juicy red interior of watermelon is ample in vitamins C and B5, which can decrease blood pressure and improve metabolism, Healthline reports that antioxidants like citrulline can also be found in the white rind. Now, just imagine how you could make that rind tastier and put the entire fruit to use.

Make a DIY melon keg

You might want to rethink how you cut your watermelon — think, careful knife skills that will accommodate a spout. According to HuffPost, there's a tool that can act as a tap for watermelons, meaning that you can skip the keg and instead store your favorite summertime beverages inside the fruit. But why limit yourself? The gadget even works on pumpkins and pineapples to make any occasion feel extra festive.

The process of turning a melon into a keg is fairly easy. Start by giving your fruit a good rinse under running water. Because most melons won't have a flat base, Good Housekeeping recommends cutting off less than half an inch of the melon's base for stability. Next, you can slice into the top and scoop out the fruit, making sure to save that watermelon to use later for a tasty slushie. All that's left is to skillfully carve a hole for the spigot and fill.

The perfect serving vessel for boozy cocktails — watermelon kegs can also be filled with fruit juices, lemonade, seltzers, or even plain old water. Whatever you decide, these DIY kegs are bound to be a showstopper!