The Secret Ingredient For Creamy Salsa Verde

Salsa comes in countless varieties and styles. Sure, you can just open a jar if you need to put a snack on the table pronto, but homemade salsa isn't terribly time-consuming to make. We love making a good charred tomato salsa, and who wouldn't want some pineapple salsa on a fresh fish taco? Salsa adds tons of flavor and sometimes heat to otherwise bland dishes. And one of the most versatile salsas of all is salsa verde.

Salsa verde usually starts with tomatillos, one of the ingredients that gives this salsa its distinctive green color. Because tomatillos are zingy with a lovely kick of acidity, salsa verde is fantastic for waking up foods that are rich and dense, like a plate of luscious chicken enchiladas that have plenty of gooey, melted cheese. While salsa verde is typically made from tomatillo, peppers like poblanos, and fresh onion, we've developed a recipe for a creamy version that's sheer decadence ... while still being quick and easy to make from scratch. What makes our version so wonderfully creamy?

It's all about the avocado

Our recipe for creamy salsa verde really couldn't be any easier. And just in case you're a visual learner, feel free to check out the video version on YouTube. You'll need the usual suspects for this recipe: tomatillos, jalapeño, cilantro, onion, salt, a little water, and the secret ingredient that pulls it all together: fresh avocado. All the ingredients go in the food processor, and you're done in no time.

The acidity from the tomatillo, the heat from the peppers, the fresh vibrance of cilantro, all pull together with the natural, nutty creaminess of avocado, making this salsa a perfect complement to everything from scrambled eggs to roasted pork loin. And because the richness comes from avocado, your creamy salsa verde is a great vegan option, since it doesn't contain any dairy. Whip up a batch and experiment by drizzling some salsa verde on your breakfast sandwich, or just serve it with fresh tortilla chips.