How To Prevent Thick Crust Pizza From Being Too Chewy

Pizza is a fun food the whole family loves. Crispy seasoned crust topped with melty cheese, crisp veggies, and savory meats is enough to leave anyone's mouth watering. According to Martha Stewart and a survey conducted by OnePoll, 42% of respondents voted pepperoni as their favorite topping, while sausage came in second at 39%, followed by onion. But, regardless of which topping is your favorite, one thing is sure: A crispy crust just "makes" a pizza.

Everyone makes mistakes with pizza, and chewy or soggy crust is one of them. Pizza Need says that 60% of people consider the crust the most important part of this delicious meal. The crust lays the foundation for the toppings and differentiates styles of pizza, such as New York and Detriot styles. Taste, texture, and integrity are three of the most important aspects of a pizza's crust.

Protect your pizza using the following method that prevents a thick crust from becoming chewy. Here's what to do.

Use a pizza stone

Avoid turning your thick crust pizza chewy by using a pizza stone. Gretchen Holm, founder of Cuisine Technology and former pizzeria chef, told Insider that a pizza stone might help you prevent tough crust when making frozen pizzas with thicker crusts. A pizza stone is an essential pizza tool that takes your pie baking to the next level. First, the stone must be placed inside the preheating oven. Then, simply place the pizza on the hot stone to bake. This provides you with a perfectly crisp pizza crust without it being under or over-cooked.

Food Network says pizza stones exist because home ovens do not get hot enough to get some crisp on the crusts. These stones absorb and retain the oven's heat, providing the crust with the scorching temperature it needs to crisp up and cook evenly. In addition to absorbing heat, the stone's ceramic material also draws in the flavors and odors of the foods placed on it (via Food Network). So be mindful of the ingredients you put on your pie. No one wants to taste onion and anchovies forever.