What Makes The Dining Experience At Frantzén So Unique

Chef Björn Frantzén has manned kitchens in Paris and London, and even served in Sweden's army before starting his own enterprise, which has been praised by World's 50 Best for artful merging of Nordic and Asian cuisines. In 2018, Frantzén, the restaurant of his own name, was awarded three Michelin stars and has since exhibited zero signs of slowing down (via Frantzén Group). 

Though the restaurant serves a limited number of diners — 23, to be exact — exquisite surprises like buttery French toast made with levain bread topped table side with aged Parmesan, black truffle, and a century-old balsamic vinegar elicit adoration from guests (via The Nordic Nomad). "All I can say is that, throughout the experience, the service was impeccable. The setting, both the lounge and counter-dining, is magnificent. The moment you enter that elevator on the ground floor, you leave the real world for some hours, and you don't want to return afterward," gushed bloggers Anders and Kaitlin. We had to know more.

A curated culinary experience

Frantzén, one of the World's 50 Best Restaurants, is tucked away on a sleepy street in downtown Stockholm. Upon reaching the wooden door of the 19th-century townhouse, guests of Frantzén are welcomed by name and ushered through dark corridors (via The World's 50 Best Restaurants). Music selected by Björn Frantzén himself adds depth to the meal, complementing the "casual elegance" of the environment (via Gina Power). 

The restaurant is spread across three floors, according to the Michelin Guide, and different rooms serve as backdrops for carefully designed tasting menus. Fixed lunch and dinner menus begin in a sleekly decorated penthouse lounge, and once snacks are served, guests can step out onto the balcony to enjoy fresh air before proceeding downstairs for the rest of the meal — which, according to Anders & Kaitlin, could easily last over a dozen hours. While we know a three-minute video can't compare to experiencing this vision in person, you can see for yourself some of the sumptuous displays offered throughout the gastronomic adventure. If you are planning to land reservations, Eater recommends doing so carefully, as limited seating means expected difficulty scoring one of the few coveted seats.