Add Crunch To Your Next Chili Dog With This Snack Food

Who doesn't love a hot dog? Add chili and that's a winning combination — or so you'd think. Believe it or not, you can take your chili dog to a whole other level of deliciousness by adding some texture and crunch using a snack food that's probably already in your cupboard.

Although the chili dog is one of those dishes that symbolizes Americana-style cooking, its origins are a bit more complex. Saveur explains that German immigrants introduced the sausages that Americans later transformed into hot dogs, much like how Mexican chili con carne and Balkan saltsa kima were adapted to create American-style chili. That said, the iconic American chili dog is actually a collection of multicultural flavors.

Despite ketchup and mustard being some of the most classic toppings, The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council reports that 45% of Americans enjoy chili on their hot dogs, proving that more is more when it comes to dressing a frankfurter. Boasting all the terrific flavors as a classic hot dog, chili dogs push flavor to its limits. Smothered in a hearty beef chili sauce and sprinkled with cheddar cheese, chili dogs might even be topped with raw onions, slices of jalapeño, or better yet, corn chips!

Corn chips create crunch

When pairing foods, The Culinary Pro notes that similar flavors pair well, but sometimes opposites can attract, which is especially true when it comes to contrasting textures. Adding textural variety can help keep a dish exciting since it adds a bit of depth. One of the best ways to do that when it comes to sandwiches, hoagies, and hot dogs is to add chips.

If you're looking to add intense crunch to your chili dog, Pepsico recommends adding Fritos corn chips to top chili dogs. Given that these curvy corn chips are fairly thick (and of course, deep-fried), they provide a satisfying audible crispness. Likewise, they add a bit of saltiness and umami taste with their toasted corn flavor profile.

But topping chili with Fritos isn't anything new. In fact, this idea to top chili dogs with corn chips is actually inspired by the southwestern Frito pie. Far from an actual pie, Eater explains that the dish consists of ladling chili over corn chips, with its most humble renditions served in the chip bag itself. A tried-and-true pairing, it's time to break out the Fritos and chili and get grilling!