The Absolute Best Type Of Mustard For Deli Sandwiches

One of the most commonly consumed foods that also happens to be one of the most delicious, sandwiches hold a special place in the hearts (and palates) of many enthusiastic eaters. After all, what could be better than varied, tasty fillings with contrasting textures all perfectly layered between two slices of excellent bread? Whether your sandwich of choice is a cured meat-loaded Italian sub, a Vietnamese-style banh mi, or a griddled Cuban stuffed with pork, you truly can't go wrong.

Those who love sandwiches, of course, are more than familiar with the inside of a deli. Short for delicatessen, which comes from the German world "delikatessen," meaning "delicacy" (via Vocabulary), delis serve up tasty eats in the form of towering sandwiches usually layered with sliced meats, cheeses, and vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes. Classic deli sandwiches often include boldly-flavored meats such as roast or corned beef or salty ham, and for that reason, spicy brown mustard is the best choice for these deli creations.

Brown mustard's boldness can stand up to strongly-flavored fillings

If you love big, meaty sandwiches layered with items such as roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, or ham, then you may have noticed that spicy brown mustard is truly the best choice for spreading across deli sandwiches. According to Serious Eats, mustard can be made with either yellow (often called white), black, or brown mustard seeds. Brown and black mustard seeds are naturally hotter than their yellow counterparts, and in the case of mustards using brown seeds, the seeds are soaked in less vinegar than in milder mustards, which helps preserve their sharpness. Therefore, brown mustard is one of the hotter versions out there — perfect for holding its own against heavily seasoned, fatty meats, as well as sharp cheeses such as cheddar.

Real Simple agreed, noting that brown mustard is a favorite selection of delis due to its complex and earthy flavor.

Looking for a great supermarket brand of spicy brown mustard? In its taste test of eight common brands, Serious Eats ranked Sir Kensington's, Kosciusko, and Koops' among its top three. So the next time deli sandwiches are on the menu at home, reach for spicy brown mustard for the best balance of flavor.