Nearly 34% Of People Want To Eat At This Famous NYC Restaurant

"Start spreadin' the news. I'm eatin' today." Frank Sinatra might've crooned out New York City's unofficial anthem, but we'd like to change one word in the lyrics. 

NYC is known all around the world for its food — and for good reason. The city is home to such iconic on-screen restaurants as long-standing corner joint Katz's Deli seen in "When Harry Met Sally" (1989) and slice shop Joe's Pizza, where Peter Parker worked in "Spider-Man 2" (2004). You can grab one of the best bagels in the world at your corner bodega. Many of the hotel bars even boast an impressive aperitivo or two. In fact, even though the city only spans just over 300 square miles (per the U.S. Census Bureau), NYC is home to nearly 27,000 restaurants, according to Spice Market New York – that's roughly 90 eateries per square mile.

Tasting Table asked 588 readers which famous NYC restaurant is first on their list to find out, once and for all, what the most sought-after A-list spot in the city is — and the top picks just might make their way onto your list, too.

Eleven Madison Park takes the cake

6.46% of diners want to visit Michelin-starred French restaurant Per Se just outside of Central Park South. (Plus, with two separate nine-course menus – a chef's tasting menu and a vegetarian menu — there's a dish for every palate before Per Se's signature dessert grand finale.) Next up, another Michelin-starred French restaurant: Daniel, which is just off of Park Avenue, took 10.03% of the vote. Diners with a taste for the finer things are, among other aspects, drawn to its award-winning wine cellar. French brasserie Balthazar in SoHo (the only restaurant on the list to be open for lunch) comes in third with 12.59% of the vote. Next, with 15.31%, is chef Tom Colicchio's flagship restaurant Craft in the Flatiron District, with a fancy yet at-home aesthetic designed with warm hospitality in mind. In second place, with 21.77% of the vote, is Momofuku Ko near Manhattan's NoHo. If you're lucky enough to snag an exclusive reservation, you'll be treated to a three-hour long 10-course Asian-Fusion meal which earned the restaurant two Michelin stars.

Coming in first place, with over a third of the vote, is the world-renowned Eleven Madison Park. 33.84% of diners want a seat at the table in this three-Michelin-starred restaurant donned the Best of the Best in the "World's 50 Best" list, winner of Wine Spectator's Grand Award, and awardee of four stars by The New York Times. For a true NYC experience, order a Manhattan cocktail off the restaurant's 15-page drink list.