Doritos Recently Revealed A Sweet And Sour New Flavor

Breaking news on the snack food front — Doritos has announced a new addition to its line of tasty flavored tortilla chips. Summer 2021 saw two new, limited edition flavors, Tangy Ranch and Tangy Pickle, according to Foodsided. The tangy flavor additions balanced out an earlier trend of increasingly spicy offerings like XXL Flamin' Hot, while still giving food junkies new taste combinations to seek out.

This year has seen Doritos in the headlines before, when parent company, Frito Lay, along with other food manufacturers, announced they were reducing the number of chips in each bag of snack size Doritos. The company made the decision, in order to cut costs while being able to offer their chips at the same retail price. Doritos also traveled to the Upside Down with its launch of the new 3-D Crunch flavor, Three Cheese, in collaboration with Netflix's "Stranger Things." But what is the flavor inspiration for the new variety of Doritos?

It's a celebration of an international flavor

While the flavor may be new to some snack food lovers, it's one that infuses cuisine in parts of Asia and South and Central America. Food Network explains the newest flavor of Doritos is Tangy Tamarind, a sweet-sour flavor Doritos describes as having "a kick of heat and citrus." The chips should be fruity and spicy on their own, and will be delicious dipped in a range of sauces and even crunched up and included in a crispy breading for a fresh take on oven chicken tenders.

If the spice of the new Tangy Tamarind Doritos intrigues you, feel free to experiment with the flavor in the kitchen. We've got plenty of fun suggestions, from barbecue sauce to Indian nachos. Tamarind can also help you level up your cocktail game, with recipes like a tamarind whiskey sour or a tamarind gin and tonic. Doritos Tangy Tamarind flavor might be a familiar comfort food for some snackers, and a new taste exploration for others.