The Clever Reason You Should Put Cheese On The Bottom Of Your Taco

No one really knows where tacos come from, but they are certainly here to stay (via Smithsonian Magazine). Whether it's from a fast food chain or a five-star restaurant, the taco has taken over menus all across America. In fact, it's even made its way into the most important meal of the day in the form of breakfast tacos.

According to Foodrinke, tacos are well loved because they're a great option to feed families on a budget, and can be customized to suit the tastes of large groups. Because of this, there aren't many rules related to tacos or how to make them. As a result, there are some truly wild options out there. Bustle has tracked down gator, sushi, and even strawberry shortcake tacos from around the globe that display the dishes' versatility.

While there's just about no wrong way to make a taco, there are, however, ways to improve it. For instance, being a bit more particular about where you place your cheese is a good start.

The benefits of a cheese base

Whether you prefer your tacos in a crunchy or soft shell, adding the cheese before the rest of the toppings can make a huge difference. By sprinkling the cheese on first, you're adding a deliciously cheesy bed for the rest of the toppings to go on, according to Eat This, Not That!. Once the cheese is scattered on the bottom, add the warm meat. That way the sizzling meat can melt that cheese down a little bit.

Quick n' Crispy also claims that having that melted cheese will keep any of the extra juices from other toppings, like salsa or pickled veggies, from getting the tortilla wet and soggy.

Take it a step further by adding the cheese to a tortilla that is still sitting on the grill, as per Masterclass. This will ensure that the cheese is completely melted before adding any other topping. It can also work just as well when using store-bought tortillas, and heating them up in a pan just before assembly. In order to do this, consider purchasing cheeses that melt effortlessly, such as queso asadero, queso de Oaxaca, or queso menonita.