The Real Reason Fiji Water Is So Expensive

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Some people object to the continued bottling and selling of water but there's no doubt that bottled water is still sold and, in some cases, catches a pretty penny. Of these, FIJI Water stands alone.

A glance at Target's website shows how expensive these bottles of water are. A six-pack of Poland Springs sells for $3.19. A six-pack of San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water sells for $6.39. Smartwater with its "vapor distilled water and electrolytes for taste" sells a six-pack for $6.49. FIJI Natural Artesian Water offers the same amount of liquids for $7.19.

FIJI Water's economic power is such that in 2010, it could threaten the country from which it gets its name. As HuffPost reported, rather than allowing the government to increase the tax on their bottled waters from a third of a Fiji cent to fifteen Fiji cents, it would just close the factory.

The question that really faces us, then, is why is FIJI water so expensive when it is just privatized water?

FIJI is designed to be expensive

The reason that FIJI water is expensive is that it is a product that is angled to be expensive. As facetious as that may sound, that is the main conclusion to draw from the reasons given by Bottled Prices.

The first reason FIJI water is expensive is that it comes from Fiji. As we have all been forced to learn, shipping is expensive at the best of times, and to an even greater degree during times of inflation, per The Wall Street Journal.

The reason they ship the water from the Pacific is that FIJI water is artesian water. Money Inc explains that this means the water rises to the surface from an artesian aquifer, which is essentially a natural filter. For this reason, FIJI water offers a specific profile informed by the minerals of the island.

However, the expenses of FIJI also have to do with non-natural considerations. As Money Inc points out, many people will buy more expensive items because they expect the quality to be better. Bottled Prices notes that FIJI water is offered in high-end places like restaurants and resorts, creating an association with luxury and enabling FIJI to charge higher prices. In short, FIJI water is expensive because that is its entire point.