The Discontinued Starbucks Tea Drinks You May Have Forgotten

Starbucks has certainly made a name for themselves since its first store opened in 1971 at Pike Place in Seattle. The company expanded its products worldwide, offering drinks not just made-to-order in its cafes, but also pre-packaged in grocery stores as Keurig cups, coffee beans, and ready-to-drink bottled beverages.

Although the chain may be more well-known for its coffee, Starbucks also offers a variety of tea-based beverages on its menu. The coffee giant purchased the Tazo brand in 1999, reports Forbes. At the time, Starbucks had been brewing its own line of teas, called Infusia, which was discontinued after acquiring Tazo, per the New York Times. Although tea only accounted for around 1% of its yearly sales, the company hoped to attract more customers and expand its tea beverage offerings with the purchase.

While some teas are still offered in stores as menu regulars, there are two Starbucks drinks that have been lost to time.

Starbucks cut these from the menu

Tazo Tea Infusions were released in 2009 at Starbucks in two flavors: Berry Chai Infusion and Apple Chai Infusion. It combined Tazo black chai tea steamed with fruit juices for a sweet, non-dairy pick-me-up, per the coffee chain. These drinks could be served warm for a comforting drink during cooler months or over ice for a more refreshing sip in the summer. A tall Infusion cost only $2.40, according to Foodbeast.

The Berry Chai Infusion blended aronia berry and black currant juices, black tea, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. While the Apple Chai Infusion combined apple juice, black tea, and spices, per Starbucks. The Daily Meal reports that the Apple Chai Infusion was reminiscent of apple cider — perfect for a fall day.

Sadly, these drinks have been off the menu for several years now and it is unlikely that they will ever make a comeback. Starbucks sold the Tazo brand to Unilever in 2017, per Forbes.