The Unexpected Way You Should Store Cut Avocado

Avocados are delicious. They're creamy, buttery, and come in a beautiful shade of green that instantly makes any dish look Instagram-worthy. But they're not the most straightforward fruit — that's right, avocados are technically a fruit. From picking, storing, and even cutting them, avocados come with a learning curve that is oh so worth it for the healthy fats, protein, and flavor they add to your favorite meals.

But that doesn't mean that these fruits can't be frustrating — especially when storing them. Despite their deliciousness, there are times when you don't need to use an entire avocado at once. And, you might know from experience that a cut avocado goes brown in no time. So, what do you do? With all the avocado storage hacks on the internet, it can be hard to determine which are legitimate. But, if you've tried them all and still haven't found the one, here's a new option with an unexpected ingredient.

Are avocados and onions new BFFs?

It might sound a bit weird, but Prevention swears by it. They recommend adding half of a sliced onion to the airtight container to keep your uneaten avocado halves fresh. Not only will your avocado have a buddy to keep it company, but those sulfur compounds that onions release — the same ones that make your eyes water when you cut them – act as preservatives that will keep your avocados nice and green for days (via Well and Good).

But will their new friend leave your avocados smelling or tasting like onions? The Kitchn says not to worry. However, you might want to test it out for yourself first before you go making something sweet, like an Indonesian avocado juice. Even so, you'll be able to keep your leftover avocado fresher for a couple of days longer (via Well and Good), which means less of the booming fruit will go to waste and more avocado-filled Instagram stories will be in your future.