For That Fresh Tomato Flavor, Look For This Type Of Canned Tomato

What type of tomato do you use to jazz up your dinner? When fresh tomatoes aren't an option, reach for the canned variety. There are diced, stewed, whole, and puréed canned tomatoes, each providing a different flavor and texture to food recipes.

The Food Network explains that canned and fresh tomatoes are nutritious and both contain an essential plant compound called lycopene. This antioxidant contributes to health benefits such as the reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. These crimson superfoods also pack serious nutrients into a serving. Tomatoes contain vitamin C to fight free radicals, vitamin K for bone and heart health, folate for balancing amino acid levels, and potassium for protecting the heart and muscles (via Healthline). Medical News Today claims that one cup of raw tomatoes contains 32 calories, 2.2 grams of fiber, 427 milligrams of potassium, and 1,499 IU of vitamin A.

However, which canned tomato should you use to create the freshest, most robust flavor?

Use whole peeled canned tomatoes for the freshest flavor

If you're wondering how to get the freshest tomato taste from a can, look no further than whole peeled canned tomatoes. Serious Eats says to skip making homemade sauce with less-than-the-best tomatoes. Whole peeled tomatoes are packed in tomato juice or purée. The Kitchn says to choose the juice-packed tomatoes for the freshest flavor. Purée-packed tomatoes also provide a rich, deep flavor.

Food Network explains that some whole peeled tomatoes include calcium chloride, which acts as a firming agent which helps the tomatoes retain their shape during cooking. The site also says food packers save their most vibrant, ripe tomatoes for whole, diced, and crushed canned tomatoes. Some tomatoes are canned and packed with basil leaves to add a splash of flavor as well.

Why not use other types of canned tomatoes for the freshest tomato kick? Serious Eats explains that whole peeled tomatoes are the only tomatoes packed in tomato paste and juice. Diced tomatoes are firm, crushed are inconsistent, and puréed are cooked down. Whole peeled tomatoes are your best bet for fresh tomato flavor.