The Easy Trick For Making Baklava In Record Time

Baklava is a delicate, decadent, and sweet pastry dessert that Turkish invaders initially brought to Hungary in the 16th century (via Mobile Cuisine). Baklava is often known for the time-consuming effort, and sometimes days, required to make it (via Centre Daily). This tasty pastry perfectly compliments a cup of coffee and is most often enjoyed around the holiday season.

Baklava contains ultra-thin sheets of phyllo dough (which makes sense considering phyllo dough is named after the word "leaf" in Greek), walnuts or pecans, butter or ghee, and sugar or honey. Variations of the dessert exist, but the one thing that is common among all recipes is the crunchy, buttery dough. 

There are several methods for creating the perfect crispy crunch in this popular dessert, many of which are very time-consuming. Keep reading to discover the easy trick for making baklava in record time. Your tastebuds will be glad you did.

Pour butter, ghee, or syrup on top

An Instagram post by Feel Good Foodie shares a simple trick for making baklava in a snap. They explain that you don't need to brush every layer of phyllo dough with butter. They recommend pouring melted butter over the top instead. Simply layer the phyllo on a large baking sheet, pulse walnuts and sugar in a food processor, and lay the mix on the phyllo. Next, place another layer of phyllo on top to sandwich the nut mixture in between and cut the baklava into diamond shapes, pour melted butter or ghee on top, and bake.

The Feel Good Foodie says that the butter will soak into the dough and bake to golden perfection. After baking, pour cold simple syrup on top of the hot, baked baklava; Just like that, you have a homemade treat — and it only takes 10 minutes rather than one hour to create.

All Recipes say that making baklava isn't tricky, but their recipe is time-consuming. They recommend buttering each layer of phyllo dough for crispy, flaky layers. Another recipe from Aliya Leekong, meanwhile, suggests dousing the dessert in syrup after it is cooked.

Baklava is a delicious traditional pastry that can be made in a jiffy. Just pour butter over the top rather than on each layer.