Why Seasoning Ground Turkey Is So Important

Ground turkey is often substituted for ground beef to reduce a meal's fat content, but turkey isn't always the most flavorful option. Let's look at the facts. According to Healthline, ground turkey contains less fat than 95% lean ground beef. Although these two ground meat types look similar and are packaged similarly, their tastes differ quite a bit.

Greatist says that ounce for ounce, ground turkey has more calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol than ground beef. However, protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins are more prevalent in ground beef. Surprising? Greatist explains that the saturated fat content differs between the two types of meat as well. Ground turkey gains brownie points for containing less saturated fat than beef, which is why it is considered "healthier" than its counterpart.

So, if you're trying to limit saturated fats, you may want to give ground turkey a try. However, it is crucial to use seasoning to give the meat a robust flavor.

Season ground turkey to enhance the taste

Eat This, Not That! says that ground beef's fat content helps amp up the juicy flavor, while providing a softer meat texture. Ground turkey is leaner, thus chewier and less flavorful, and requires seasonings to heighten flavor. Recipes requiring ground beef rely on the meat's added fat to enhance the dish's taste. When ground turkey is substituted for beef, flavor adjustments must be made.

The Kitchn says under-seasoning ground turkey is a common mistake people make. Ground turkey tastes bland without adequate salt, pepper, and other seasonings. The outlet recommends adding dried herbs and spices when using ground turkey for dishes that spotlight the turkey, such as meatloaf or hamburgers.

Need seasoning inspiration? How To Cook recommends adding chopped veggies, garlic, chili powder, and cilantro to ground turkey for a quick and healthy family meal. If you're craving a hot and spicy fare, Ripped Recipes turkey skillet includes paprika, cayenne, chili powder, and cumin for heating things up.