The Best Type Of Pot To Use For French Onion Soup

It's a comfort food for adults with hot, melted cheese along with a rich, savory broth. Croutons are added to soak up all of the deliciousness so not a drop of the hot bowl of French onion soup is wasted. Even the ramekin in which it's finished in the oven makes eating the soup more fun.

There are many recipes for French onion soup that claim to be the best, although Julia Child's recipe remains a classic with its 10 ingredients, including gruyere cheese, dry white French vermouth, and beef stock (per Epicurious). While gruyere is often the go-to cheese for this classic soup, if it can't be found or is too expensive, Fanatically Food suggests using something similar from the Swiss cheese family, such as Jarlsberg, Raelette, or Beaufort. If you want to go with a more commonly available cheese, mozzarella, gouda, or parmesan can also be used.

One of the important characteristics of the cheese used in French onion soup is how well it will melt when the soup is finished using a ramekin in the oven. But first the soup is made in a pot on top of the stove. And the importance of the kind of pot that is used should not be overlooked.

Don't crowd the onions

Although a lot of focus is often placed on selecting the perfect onions, cheese, croutons, and garnishes for French onion soup, the pot selection is often hurried. The Kitchn warns against picking any old pot from the cupboard. Instead, the site advises to opt for a wide pot that will allow for the onions to spread out and cook perfectly. The Food Network also recommends using a large pot or Dutch oven to cook the soup. A Dutch oven is a heavy-duty pot that has a tight-fitting lid, thick walls, and a heavy bottom, according to Taste of Home. It can be used to prepare a wide variety of foods, from stews to cobblers.

The Kitchn states that a Dutch oven is a good choice for making French onion soup because it provides a big area to caramelize the onions. If a pot is used, The Kitchn advises it should be a large pot that holds at least six quarts. In addition, the broth will be able to evaporate and condense in a deep pot. And with that deep pot will come a robustly-flavored French onion soup to savor.