The 3 Best Types Of Onion For Guacamole And When To Use Them

Prepare yourself to make some choices in the kitchen if you're planning on bringing guacamole to this weekend's potluck. Guacamole fanatics have preferences. Guacamole recipes are hardly one-size-fits-all, from smooth, blended dips to chunky mixes of gently-folded ingredients. 

This beloved dip can be made in many ways (here are five to get you started), but according to Mattito's Tex Mex, the best guacs are a careful ratio of ingredients. You'll need just the right amount of avocados, cilantro, and seasonings to deliver an irresistible taste to your guests. In addition to parceling out produce, Real Simple recommends choosing ripe avocados, considering the desired texture of your guacamole, and experimenting with add-ins: mango, pomegranate, sauerkraut, or kimchi. Fresh, diced tomatoes aren't for everyone, notes A Sweet Pea Chef, and the type of onion you choose to include in your guacamole dish can significantly impact the taste and texture of your final product. 

Choose your onion fighter

When it comes to onions, you have options. Onions can lend a variety of flavors to guacamole recipes, so try making a few variations to find the combinations you most enjoy. While traditional guacamole recipes use white onions, the onion lends a subtle sweetness to the dish. Avocados from Mexico recommends chopping up red onion to add a sharper bite to your guacamole blend. Thin slivers will deliver flavor while diced pieces provide crunch.

Think Avocado advocates for the simple profile of a yellow onion, however, as the subtly sweet flavor plays well with buttery notes of avocados. For those who would prefer to skip onions entirely, Nick Lafferty caters to onion-adverse crowds by finely chopping green onions and sneaking in a subtle earthy flavor to what he describes as The World's Best Guacamole. We're sure many lay claim to the World's Best fame, so we'll let you decide which recipe and onion should win the title.