How Fenway Park Transformed Its Famous Hot Dog With Avocado

Before the 2021 baseball season, if you'd asked a Boston Red Sox fan about the Green Monster, you'd likely get a history lesson about the 37-foot tall left field wall at Fenway Park, where the Red Sox play their home games (via Sports Illustrated). Topped with some of the coolest seats in baseball stadium history, the Green Monster still displays a hand-operated scoreboard and is part of the ballpark's unique identity.

Prior to 2021, the most popular hot dog for baseball fans was the Fenway Frank, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, who describes the franks as "steamed, grilled or rolled hot dogs wedged inside a classic New England-style bun." But as of April 2021, the Fenway Frank had a rival: the Green Monster Dog, which is one of those traditional Fenway Franks, but topped with piping hot chili and fresh guacamole. 

So how did this culinary creation come about?

AvoEats takes the field

Avocados from Mexico created the concession brand AvoEats to promote the Mexican-grown Haas avocado and to provide exciting variety in food choices for sports fans at Fenway Park and other ballpark locations around the country, as explained by a press release. But how did the 2021 launch of the Green Monster Dog fare at Fenway? Well enough that 2022 saw the addition of a second Fenway AvoEats location (via Street Insider) — and that new additions were added, including walking tacos with guacamole and pretzels served with a tasty avocado dipping sauce.

Want to knock it out of the park with your own Green Monster version of the Fenway Frank? Pick up your dog of choice, top it with the best chili recipe for hot dogs, and finish your creation off with one of our five flavorful versions of guacamole. The Green Monster Dog is sure to be a home run, whether you're in one of the coveted seats at Fenway Park or watching from home.