Fly By Jing And Ghetto Gastro's New Collab Combines 2 Classic Condiments

There's an oft-repeated old chestnut about chocolate and peanut butter being a match made in heaven and food combinations can often feel like that (Looking at you, broccoli and Velveeta). And the magic that exudes from a combo greater than the sum of its parts is elusive, seductive, and will likely be forever chased. Who wouldn't want to be the progenitor of a beloved flavor pairing? Some work, but many don't (Take for instance, pickles and chocolate).

But blessed are those who endeavor to make the world more happy and delicious by looking past the graveyard of failures and persevering into uncharted waters. Case in point: Fly by Jing and Ghetto Gastro's latest collaboration creation, Spicy Sovereign Syrup. As the name suggests, this is a sweet and spicy blend made from Fly by Jing's all-natural Sichuan chili crisp — made in Chengdu, China — and Ghetto Gastro's Sovereign Syrup, which is itself a combination of maple syrup and apple cider syrup sourced from New York trees and sorghum syrup, according to a press release sent to Tasting Table.

While the product is a recent release to the general public, it has already made a splash as part of the menu at the 2022 Academy Awards Governor's Ball, a star-studded event catered this year by Ghetto Gastro at the behest of Wolfgang Puck (per Yahoo Money.)

Sweet and spicy

While the two companies have different culinary purviews, they share a similar ethic. The Ghetto Gastro collective launched from the Bronx to the world, and offers a variety of products created from ingredients sourced in the Global South. Fly by Jing offers their take on classic Chinese staples for modern home kitchens. Both companies' products showcase and honor the flavors and cultures of generations past.

Spicy Sovereign Syrup is completely all-natural, organic, and sustainable. Additionally, Ghetto Gastro and Fly by Jing work directly with purveyors of the constituent ingredients in the syrup in an effort to influence a freer and more direct supply chain that benefits consumers and producers alike. Available on both the Ghetto Gastro and Fly by Jing websites, a bottle of Spicy Sovereign Syrup retails for $25.

In addition to the trifecta of syrups included in Ghetto Gastro's contribution, Fly by Jing's Chengdu chili crisp brings Non-GMO rapeseed oil, Non-GMO soybean oil, dried chili pepper, fermented black bean, garlic, sesame oil, salt, shallots, mushroom powder, ginger, seaweed, Sichuan pepper, spices to the mix.