Everything You Need To Know About Kroger's Beer On-Tap

Enjoying craft beers and wines is a great way to support local businesses and discover new drinks that you may not yet be familiar with. Instead of sticking with the same old drinks you can buy from any store, trying craft beers and wines might help you find your new favorite  beverage while also supporting your community while you sip.

A craft brewery is a small, independently-owned operation that produces fewer than 6 million barrels of beer each year, according to the Brewers Association. The association states that these beers often include typical ingredients like malted barley, but that they may also contain non-traditional flavors for a unique new twist on their products. It also reports that many smaller breweries are also involved in their local communities through philanthropy, donations from products, and sponsoring local events, so you can continue to help the community while supporting these independently-owned businesses.

Tasting flights can be a great way to try drinks before you decide to purchase full-size portions of them. But did you know that some Kroger grocery stores offer in-store drinks on-tap for customers to try before they decide to purchase?

Sip and shop

Certain Kroger stores have beer and wine on-tap so that shoppers can sample drinks before deciding to purchase them. The in-store experience features tastings of beer and wine flights for customers to enjoy and they can also purchase 32- and 64-ounce growlers of their favorites, states USA Today. The outlet reports that by having growlers available, customers will be able to purchase beer from breweries that previously were only available on-tap.

The tasting flights feature drinks from smaller craft breweries and wineries which are local to the region that each store serves. These stores may also feature harder-to-find beers and wines, which will be available to purchase only in smaller quantities, reports The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Though these tastings are not available at every Kroger location, the company has gradually rolled this out to more stores across the country. If your local store doesn't have any tasting taps just yet, don't worry — it could just be a matter of time before they broaden their beverage selection.