This Tip Will Help You Get More Out Of Your Spice Bottles

We've all been there: you open a seasoning bottle, turn it upside down, and shake, shake, shake — the spices either pour out of the jar at an uncontrollable rate or barely dispense at all. After all, there's a reason why automatic seasoning dispensers exist, right? Now there's a hack for dispensing those stubborn spices and seasonings that doesn't involve wasting time or effort.

Spoon University says that seasoning food is essential. The site explains that layering seasonings will help you achieve a dish's ideal texture and balance of flavors. That doesn't mean you should over-season your fare, but if you accidentally do, Southern Living describes some methods to repair the damage. Some alterations can be made to correct particular flavor mistakes; because over-seasoning happens to the best of us. Gone are the days of under-seasoning, over-seasoning, or not seasoning at all, this TikTok hack will have you reaching for every spice jar in sight.

Twist the lid for a glorious dusting of spices

Your pantry is probably full of spices, and most likely you have a few favorite go-to's. You know, the ones with a lid that fits just right and the spices in the jar are versatile, so it seasons most dishes well. The jar tucks nicely on the shelf and rarely makes an appearance unless you reach for it. Those are the spices we love. After all, Epicurious says that seasonings help a dish become as delicious as possible.

However, the TikTok hack that has everyone abuzz involves those pesky, cheap plastic seasoning canisters. Eliminate spice messes, overflow, or no flow, by utilizing the hack that involves one easy step to complete. In the video, a user named Straitjacket_hugs shows us that flipping that spice jar over reaps great benefits. Instead of shaking the bottle to dispense the flavorings, simply turn it upside down and twist the plastic cap back and forth, which allows for an even, glorious dusting of spices, with no mess and no fuss.