What Key Word To Look For On The Menu When Ordering Steak

The perfect cut of beef is a top priority when you're craving a steak, and nothing less than a top-notch steakhouse will do. After all, unless you're The Rock, you probably aren't eating five to seven high-protein meals every day (via Healthline). So, you want the meal you're craving to be worth every juicy bite.

Whether you enjoy a steak cooked rare, medium, or well-done, the type of beef you choose matters. Serve that steak with a side of garlic potatoes and a salad, and you have one delicious steakhouse meal.

According to Taste of Home, there are a few "choice" words you should scout out before selecting which cut of beef you'll sink your teeth into. Do you know the key word to look for when ordering a steak? Quality, cost, and flavor are three aspects to consider when deciding which grade of meat you'll choose. Read on to find out what else you should know.

Look for Prime-grade beef

Taste of Home shares the startling fact that most steakhouses offer Choice-grade beef, but it's Prime you should be looking for. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, beef is graded on quality and yield. Quality rates how tender, juicy, and flavorful the meat is; Yield grades the meat to fat ratio. Prime beef comes from well-fed, young cattle and contains intricate marbling, which provides the beef's rich flavor.

Taste of Home sites that only 4% to 5% of cattle are graded as Prime. This beef is served in high-end hotels and restaurants and is sold at a higher price than other grades of meat. According to Clover Meadows Beef, there is a vast difference in quality, taste, and cost between all grades, and Prime rates number one.

Choice-grade beef is the second most common name you'll see stamped on a steakhouse menu. The U.S. Department of Agriculture shares that this cut of beef is also high-quality, but it doesn't taste as rich and savory as Prime cuts. The flavor contrast results from the lack of marbling. Choice-grade beef ranks second to Prime, according to Clover Meadows Beef, and it is the most widely available cut of beef.

Both Prime-grade and Choice-grade steaks are quality cuts of beef, and both are certain to satisfy the most serious of steak cravings; However, Prime beef is top-notch. When indulging at your favorite steakhouse, look for the word "Prime" alongside your steak selection.