Trader Joe's New Kettle Corn Combines Spicy And Sweet

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Among all the classic snacks out there, it's hard to think of one more iconic than popcorn. Whether popped old-school on the stovetop, nuked in the microwave, or devoured in the darkness of a movie theater, popcorn's salty crunch is one that most of us have regularly craved since childhood. 

And, although straightforward buttered and salted popcorn is tasty, the snack is almost infinitely customizable, whether you prefer to dust your popcorn with citrus zest or toss it with Nutella.

If sweet popcorn varieties tend to be your favorites, then you're likely well aware of kettle corn, popcorn that's shellacked with sugar in addition to butter once it's freshly popped (via Allrecipes). Available packaged from several brands such as Smartfood and Angie's, the salty-sweet snack corn is perfect for at-home movie nights or to tote along to a picnic. 

And, if you're a Trader Joe's shopper, you might want to check out the grocery chain's newest kettle corn offering, which combines spicy and fruity flavors.

Trader Joe's new kettle corn is fruity and spicy

If you love to snack on popcorn but can't seem to decide on savory toppings such as Parmesan or sweet toppings like cinnamon sugar, then kettle corn is the snack for you. Typically blending both salt and a sweetener such as sugar, the resulting flavor combination is pretty tempting — especially when additional flavors join the mix.

Beloved grocery store Trader Joe's has offered classic kettle corn before (via Amazon), but news recently hit Instagram that the chain was stocking a new kettle corn variety: chili pineapple, flavored with pineapple powder, lime oil, and chili pepper extract capsicum oleoresin (via Instagram). According to a photo shared by Trader Joe's List, the new kettle corn is now on shelves and selling for $2.49 per 5.5-ounce bag. 

Some commenters on the photo had already tried it, with one user noting that the snack tasted like "spicy Fruity Pebbles" and another sharing that they ate the entire bag in one sitting. Meanwhile, over on Trader Joe's Aficionado's post, the cereal analogy was shared yet again, with one commenter comparing the new kettle corn to "spicy Fruit Loops." 

So, whether you're a fan of kettle corn, fruit-flavored cereal, or both, you might want to give this new offering a try.