What Is In Mazagran, The Tangy Iced Coffee Treat?

If you're into refreshing summer drinks, listen up! The mazagran may be your new favorite beverage. According to The Takeout, the original version of the drink made its way via the French troops from the tiny Algerian town of Mazagran to Paris. The soldiers crossed the Mediterranean to colonize the country. During this time, the milk and brandy they used in their coffee were replaced by water to ration supplies. They grew to love the revised version of their morning brew, so they brought the novelty to France. The mazagran quickly became known as part of Parisian cafe culture. The trend lasted a short time in Paris, then migrated to other countries and evolved , as they added their own twists on the popular caffeinated beverage.

The iced coffee continued to transition throughout the years. According to Greatist, the most genuine form of the drink can be found in Portugal, far from its French and Algerian origins. Want to experience the mazagran yourself? Here's what you have to do.

Add lemon and ice

If you think you've tried every way coffee can be shaken, stirred, mixed, and topped, think again. Mazagran is perhaps one of the strangest coffee drinks; the beverage far surpasses the typical vision of what a traditional iced coffee should be. The classic mazagran consists of espresso, ice, a splash of water, and fresh lemon juice. According to Coffee Affection, a mazagran is basically a coffee lemonade. Yes, you read that right. The iced beverage combines the caffeinated element of bold espresso with tart, fresh lemon juice and ice.

Some coffee connoisseurs add sugar, honey, vanilla extract, or rum to spice things up; it's an unusual drink with many variations, claims Coffee Affection. Some like to add mint, or even take the caffeinated beverage one step further by adding rum, per Makery.

Mazagran may be a tart twist on your traditional brew. Still, The Takeout claims coffee and orange juice may be the latest summer beverage trend. Regardless of how you choose to sip your java, you mustn't forget that the mazagran has been coined "the original iced coffee."