How Many Eggs Should You Use For Quiche?

Quiche is considered a classically French dish, though Regions of France tells us it has roots in both German and French cultures. Quiche Lorraine, considered the original version of the dish, is named for the Lorraine region of what is now northeastern France, though parts of it were annexed by Germany during conflicts between France and Germany. The classic Quiche Lorraine combines heavy cream, eggs, and bacon or ham, all baked in a crust. Though the earliest versions of the dish contained no cheese, it's common to add gruyère, as in this delicious version.

One of the reasons quiche is so popular is its infinite adaptability, coupled with the fact that it's a meal in a single serving, combining pastry crust, whatever fresh veggies happen to be in season, and savory protein, all enveloped in a blend of eggs, cream, and cheesy goodness. This spring quiche, for example, employs leeks, spinach, goat cheese, and arugula for a fresh and filling entrée.

The egg-to-cream ratio is the key

Though quiche isn't inherently challenging to make, there are a number of tips which can help a recipe succeed. Blind baking the crust, for example, helps eliminate the dreaded soggy bottom. Being mindful of ingredients with harmonious flavors can also help elevate your meal. But perhaps the most important element of a quiche to perfect is actually quite simple once you know the formula.

It's critical to get the ratio of eggs to cream correct. The Kitchn cautions that using too many eggs can make the consistency of the quiche rubbery and tough, while using too few eggs can prevent the custard filling from setting properly, giving you a runny, soggy quiche. The recommended proportion is one egg to one-half cup of cream or milk. For a standard nine-inch pie dish, that means you'll need roughly three eggs combined with one-and-a-half cups of cream. Understanding the ratio of eggs to dairy frees you to combine any number of flavorful seasonal ingredients, while being certain your quiche will have a satisfying texture.