Trader Joe's New Layered Beef Tostada Has Fans Divided

Trader Joe's is widely known for its high quality food and wholesome ingredients, but when it comes to the store's frozen food section, sometimes it can be a hit or miss. The mandarin orange chicken, for example, is currently Trader Joe's most popular item, but other frozen foods, such as the artichoke timbales, aren't getting quite as positive of a reception. Fortunately, Trader Joe's introduces and discontinues frozen foods fairly frequently, allowing customers to try different products all the time. One of the newest additions to the lineup is the layered beef tostada.

A Florida-based Trader Joe's fan page on Instagram spotted a box at their local Trader Joe's for $3.99, and according to the label, it's made up of layers of crispy tortillas, ground beef, pinto beans, cheese, tomatoes, black olives, and green onions. As stated on the back of the box, there's only one layered beef tostada in each box, so this item is a single serve frozen meal.

What does Trader Joe's new layered beef tostada taste like?

Frozen foods aren't exactly gourmet, but if you were to look for an option that comes close, Trader Joe's is probably your best bet. This layered beef tostada, however, has disappointed some fans, many of whom have compared it to the Mexican pizza at Taco Bell, noting the overwhelming taste of olives and beans. "I'll take a real tostada or a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza. This wasn't that good," one shopper wrote in the comments of a Trader Joe's List post on Instagram. Another person added, "I was kinda disappointed the meat in the middle part reminded me of the food I feed my cat lol."

Some argue that it's delicious if you prepare it right. Various users have recommended using the air fryer to let it crisp up more, and apparently adding sriracha or sour cream does wonders too. With the reviews so divided, all you can really do is try it for yourself.