The Reason You Should Try Adding Avocado To Your Brownie Mix

There is almost nothing better than biting into a fresh-baked, fudgy brownie. They are a perfect warm treat fresh out of the oven during cooler months, and indulgent as the base of an ice cream sundae in the summer. Brownies were invented in 1893 by Bertha Palmer for the Columbian Exposition World's Fair at Chicago's Palmer House Kitchen, and they have been a popular dessert ever since.

Although we typically think of enjoying avocados on savory foods like salads or sandwiches (not to mention delicious guacamole or avocado toast), they could be an unexpectedly great addition to your next batch of brownies. Avocados are great for heart health because they help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, reports Medical News Today. They also state that avocados contain vitamins C, E, K, and B6, as well as folate and fiber. Avocados can also help improve digestion, reduce depression risk, and even act as a detoxing agent.

A simple swap

Swapping in substitutions when baking can be a game changer, especially when your dietary needs don't exactly match the recipe you're working with. While there are some common ingredient swaps you may already be familiar with, there is one you may not have considered: avocado.

The Produce Moms states that one avocado is about equal to ½ cup of vegetable oil. They suggest using a food processor to get the avocado as smooth as possible before adding it to your brownie batter. Once you have mixed everything together, you can bake your brownies as normal and enjoy your dessert!

No mix? No problem! Well Plated's avocado brownie recipe proves that this trick works in scratch baking as well; according to them, avocado adds an extra moist, velvety texture to your dessert. If you are worried about the taste, they say not to overthink it — the cocoa and chocolate chips in the mix will overpower any mild avocado flavor.