Death Wish Coffee Just Added A New Roast To Its Lineup

Death Wish Coffee is looking to energize your day with a new roast with an intense flavor, which is the first product to feature the company's updated look.

According to a press release, The Saratoga Springs, N.Y.-based Death Wish Coffee stated that its new branding features its signature lightning bolts and bold colors. Other products from Death Wish Coffee, including Dark Roast and Medium Roast, will get an updated look later in 2022. Death Wish Coffee calls itself "The World's Strongest Coffee" and is made from high quality coffee beans that are available in different roasts (both whole bean and ground) and as single-serve coffee pods. Mike Brown started the company in 2012 when he created the recipe and roasting process for Death Wish Coffee with the goal of making the world's strongest coffee (via Death Wish Coffee). 

The coffee boasts much higher caffeine levels than many other brands with 59 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce for a total caffeine content of 708 mg per serving, according to The Dark Roast. The site explains that an average cup of joe has 12 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce or around 144 mg per serving. The new roast is no different with the company saying it has double the strength as your average cup of coffee.

A new roast to energize your day

Called Espresso Roast, Death Wish Coffee says its newest product has notes of cocoa, caramelized sugar and black cherry. Like its other products, Espresso Roast is Certified Fair Trade and USDA organic. Made from Sumatran and Peruvian arabica beans and Indian Cherry robusta beans, Espresso Roast is a dark roast.

"Our consumers are looking for a premium coffee experience at home with a rich, intense flavor and a base for espresso drinks to channel their inner barista. Espresso Roast delivers a smooth, never-bitter cup every time, no matter how it's brewed," Mike Pilkington, CEO of Death Wish Coffee said in the press release. "Espresso Roast joins our everyday line-up of Dark Roast and Medium Roast, along with our seasonal flavors, to give coffee consumers the variety they're seeking."

Espresso Roast was available for purchase starting July 1 in ground and whole bean bags as well as single-serve cups on Death Wish Coffee's website. The blend will also be available in Walmart and Kroger stores as well as available on Amazon later this year. Death Wish Coffee is sold more than 20,000 stores across the country. Selling The Biz estimated in 2021 that the roaster was making more than $6 million in sales annually.