How Kroger Makes Cooking Seafood Easier Than Ever

Fresh seafood instantly sizzles up a dinner party, outdoor barbeque, or family meal by adding nutritious goodness to the fun factor any day of the week. Whether grilled, roasted, broiled, or sauteed, the aquatic bounty from oceans, lakes, and rivers is seemingly endless. And sustainable seafood advocates aim to keep it that way. No longer are sustainable food practices relegated to the sidelines of culinary conversation, with even mainstream grocery corporations jumping on the sea-wagon — including Kroger, notes the company.

The Kroger family of supermarkets is embracing seafood consumption in new ways starting with its sustainability program for both wild-caught and farm-raised fish and seafood. It now uses sustainable sources for 88% of its fresh and frozen wild seafood caught from natural habitats in open waters, avoiding net dragging that can destroy them. Sustainable sources also provide 96% of Kroger seafood raised in marine farms, per Kroger.

But sustainable efforts are only part of what the massive grocery conglomerate is offering for seafood lovers. It's jumped some hurdles to ensure that store-to-table eating is a whole lot easier.

The Easy for You! program

Launched in 2016, Kroger's Easy for You! program is just what it sounds like: a streamlined way to have food ready to cook the minute you bring it home from the store. SeafoodSource reports that the original program expanded to include seafood and is available in at least 350 Kroger-affiliated grocery outlets, including the main Kroger stores as well as Fry's, Fred Meyer, and more.

Depending on location, season, and regional specificities, the Easy for You! seafood offerings include a variety of seafoods, seasonings, and garnishes. Customers choose their preferences and Kroger staff assembles them inside a bag that's ready to pop into their home ovens or grills, explains Kroger. An example from the Kroger webpage offers an Atlantic Salmon Fillet oven-ready bag. Customers have a wide array of seasoning options to accompany the salmon fillet, including lemon pepper, sweet bourbon, Asian BBQ, Cajun, Jamaican jerk rub, California garlic medley, and Nashville Hot. Garnish choices range from lemon slices to fresh cilantro, thyme, and dill.

A simple guide states that customer should pierce the bag on each window side, place on a baking sheet, and then cook according to specific directions for the particular type of seafood. After that, just cut the bag open, plate the deliciousness, and plop it on your table. It sure sounds as it is named: Easy for You!