Why Too Much Mayo Can Ruin Deviled Eggs

If you like hard boiled eggs, there's a good chance you like deviled eggs too. Both start off the same way, and the only difference is that for deviled eggs you remove the yolk and mix in some mayonnaise and seasoning before piping it back onto the egg whites. As far as ingredients go, deviled eggs are simple, but it's for the same reason that the proportions of each one are key.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make, according to Kitchn, is using too much mayonnaise. Too much mayo will seriously overpower the taste of the yolk and, at the same time, it'll also ruin the texture. Remember, the filling gets piped on, and if it's runny it'll be a lot harder to work with.

For best results, The Spruce Eats recommends only three to four tablespoons of mayonnaise per six eggs. The classic recipe also calls for a half teaspoon of mustard, so if you're planning to leave the ingredient out, you have a little more wiggle room.

How to fix deviled eggs with too much mayo

So you've already added too much mayo to your deviled egg filling. Now what? The good news is you won't have to start over. The easiest way to go about, Pantry & Larder shares, is to just add more egg yolks. This should get the balance of ingredients back on track. If, however, you've depleted your batch of eggs, there are three other options: breadcrumbs, xanthan gum, and instant mashed potatoes.

In the case that your egg yolk mixture is only slightly runny, breadcrumbs will be your best bet. As Pantry & Larder explains, breadcrumbs work in moderation, so they're ideal when you need just a little extra thickening. If you completely went overboard with the mayo and your egg yolks are soupy, you'll want to opt for xanthan gum instead. A hand blender is necessary for removing the lumps, but it'll definitely do the trick in firming up the mixture. Instant mashed potatoes are a close second to xanthan gum, so if you don't have any, the mash will do well too.