The Problem Shoppers Have With Trader Joe's Watermelon And Peach Macarons

One of the things that makes the Trader Joe's shopping experience so special is finding the newest new offerings, such as its ube spread, scattered among all of the classic favorites. The grocery giant has created its own subculture on social media platforms such as Reddit which have product release trackers and has also spawned countless articles from websites summarizing all of the newest goodies hitting the shelves of Trader Joe's grocery stores every month.

One of the company's newest items puts a summer spin on a classic french cookie. The new Trader Joe's Watermelon and Peach Macarons recently dropped into the store's frozen food aisle. On Tuesday, images of the product popped up on Trader Joe's-devoted Instagram profiles Trader Joe's Obsessed and Trader Joe's List.

Both flavors come in bright pastel shades that call to mind the fruits in which they're flavored with. According to the ingredients list, the cookies are even flavored with peach and watermelon puree instead of using natural flavorings. This may surely pack a sweet punch when it comes to the flavor as well. While most Trader Joe's devotees are excited to try the new product, a few fans feel left out of the fun.

Trader Joe's macarons aren't gluten free

It seems that Trader Joe's latest macaron flavors are not going to be available for those who are gluten-sensitive or intolerant. Even though macarons are classically gluten-free, according to Recipe for Perfection, these new cookies contain a glucose syrup that is derived from wheat. This makes them off limits to those following a gluten-free diet. Many have commented their displeasure on Instagram.

Classic macarons are made using almond flour, egg whites, powdered sugar, and granulated sugar (via Recipe for Perfection). This means that they are normally a gluten-free delight for those looking to indulge. Sadly, the addition of glucose syrup derived from wheat puts these treats off limits for many.

This isn't the first time that Trader Joe's has drawn ire from gluten-sensitive fans, either. According to Aisle of Shame, Trader Joe's also has standard frozen macarons available as well as other seasonal flavors that are in its rotation. It seems that all of these contain the same wheat-based glucose syrup though. This means anyone with a gluten sensitivity will have to look elsewhere to get their macaron fix.