How Long Can You Store Deviled Eggs In The Fridge?

There's just something about deviled eggs that makes people flock to the dish at parties and potlucks. This wildly popular and classic hors d'oeuvre combines flavors of smoky paprika, creamy mayo, and of course, hard boiled eggs. But no matter how much of a crowd-pleaser it might be, sometimes we overshoot the quantity for an appetizer and have leftovers. For many recipes, this isn't a problem, we simple enjoy the remaining portion, but deviled eggs require extra attention when consuming the remnants.

First, make sure the leftovers are stored in a single layer, with a sheet of plastic wrap over the top, or as Real Simple mentions, in an airtight container or designated egg carrier. Since deviled eggs are primarily a dish consumed at large gatherings, this can complicate things. If the eggs have been left out at room temperature longer than two hours without using a cold freezer pack or ice, it's probably a good idea to skip the leftovers all together. It's also a good idea to understand the egg safety guidelines, as set forth by the CDC.

Tips for using up leftover deviled eggs

Since a deviled egg usually contains many of the same ingredients as egg salad, including mayonnaise, it's important to make sure the leftovers are stored properly in the refrigerator at 40 F or below for up to four days, as recommended by this cold food storage chart on So, what should you do if it's day three and you've still got a lot of them in the fridge?

If you simply can't bring yourself to eat another deviled egg, there's a couple recipes that will help you repurpose those eggs into another dish. The flavors of deviled eggs compliment pasta and this deviled egg macaroni salad by Savory Experiments calls for dicing up and adding a few of those leftover eggs into the cold pasta dish. Or, you could mash up those deviled eggs and slap it between two slices of bread, like in this leftover deviled egg sandwich recipe from Snap Fitness.